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The New York Times
December 7, 1909

Premier Car Wins Double Prize at Hotel Breslin Drawing.

The exhibitors at the Grand Central Palace and Madison Square Garden Automobile Shows were entertained at luncheon yesterday at the Hotel Breslin, when the annual drawing for the privilege of exhibiting a car in the corridor of the hotel during the shows was made.  H. C. Esseletyn, rperesenting the Premier car, drew the winning number for both associations.  Speeches were made by Henry M. Duncan, who presided; W. E. Wildreth, President of the Breslin Hotel Company; M. L. Downes, Secretary of the A. L. A. M., and Alfred Reeves, General Manager of the A. M. C. M. A.  Among those present were:

James C. Young, Manager Madison Square Garden Show; John Plummer, Locomobile Company; J. M. Boyle, Midland Car Company; W. J. Donlan, Studebaker Car Company; William M. Haradon, Columbia Car; Keene Carruthers, Mitchell Car Company; C. A. Benton, Sultan Motor Company; P. F. Rockett, Isotta Import Company; Philip H. Lucas, Reo Car; H. C. Esselsteyn, Premier Car; W. McK. White; William L. Colt, Colt-Stratton Company; Julius Augustine, Franklin Car; J. S. Norton; O. Frost, Black Manufacturing Company; Capt. H. L. Stratton, Colt-Stratton Company; J. R. Flanagan, Pullman Car; Charles M. Brown, Winton Car; William E. Adams, H. J. Koehler Co.; Frank Eveland, Stevens-Duryea; E. F. Korben; A. J. Stocker, of Frank Presbury & Co.; A. N. Jervis, of American Locomobile Company; A. G. Batchelder and N. Lazarnick.

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