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Saturn Ranks High On Dealer Service

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Saturn Ranks High On Dealer Service

Tracy Dawson
July 24, 2006

As per the latest J.D. Power study which dwelt on satisfaction on dealer services, the Saturn brand of vehicles received high marks. This, of course, shows just how well Saturn makes sure that customers and Saturn followers do get the best kind of service when it comes to the products that they offer.

The study done by J.D. Power and Associates was just recently released. It actually measures car owner’s satisfaction. And the study takes into the consideration those who visited the dealer’s service department. The visit could be for a couple of reasons like repair activities or simple maintenance measures which could involve replacement of Saturn performance parts. The study also considers the fact that the visit done by Saturn owners would have to be done during the first three years of owning the Saturn vehicle.

After all the data were collected and analyzed, the statistics showed that the Saturn brand took the 7th spot. It is, indeed, a good ranking since the study took home data for thirty six vehicle brands and makes. The topmost spot was awarded to the Lexus luxury brand.

J.D. Power sent out a news release and in that document and announcement, the organization revealed that customers who found satisfaction with the services that they received during their visits to the dealers have a high chance of returning to the dealer for additional services. These customers could also be depended on when it comes to recommending the brand to other consumers. Aside from these, the satisfied customers would also be more or less be back to purchase the same brand or the same make of the vehicle they owned.

Saturn has already been creating vehicles for the market since 1990. Saturn S series and the L series are vehicles that are no longer in production. Currently produced vehicles include the Saturn ION, VUE, and Relay. Future Saturn cars include the Aura, Outlook, and Sky.

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