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New Ford V6 Engine In The Works

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New Ford V6 Engine In The Works

Chuck Smith
July 24, 2006

The Ford Motor Company has invested a huge amount on a new engine that they would be using in some of their future vehicles. Production for the new engine has already started and it is ongoing in only one of the company’s many production plants.

The Ford plant in Lima, Ohio has been the chosen one. And a few weeks ago, the production has already started. So it seems that at present a huge set of V6 engines are about to be made available sometime in the near future. This new V6 engine could hold in 3.5 liters of fuel. It has also been created so as to be able to produce some 265 units of horsepower. According to some officials from Ford, the new V6 engine has been designed to be flexible. In fact, they are foreseeing that the company could use this engine in various Ford vehicles. If this is so, then it would be like the parts Ford Windstar which could be used in quite a number of Ford cars and vehicles.

$335 million is a huge amount. And this is the exact amount that the Ford Motor Company invested and spent so that the Lima plant would be able to produce the new and flexible V6 engine. The plans for production for this new one are great. According to the plant’s manager, Jan Allman, the number of engines to be produced would be gradually increasing through time and they would also be adding more workers coming this October so as to be able to produce the amount of engines needed by the auto manufacturer.

Dave Szczupak further states, “It is a very flexible facility, so in the future, will be able to build more than this one derivative of engine.” Szczupak is the group vice president of Ford for manufacturing in the Americas region.

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