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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


The New York Times
December 6, 1909

Many Chauffeurs Arrested for Accidents and Speeding.

An automobile in charge of Bert Stevenson of 572 St. Mark's Avenue, Brooklyn, and containing Philip Rosenthal of 519 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn, and Fannie Rosenthal, 21 years old, of 224 West Ninety-fourth Street, Manhattan, ran down Alfred Mason of 57 Ten Eyck Street, Williamsburg, an employe of the Bridge Department, on the north roadway of the Williamsburg Bridge early yesterday morning.  Mason was a street sweeper, and did not get out of the automobile's path in time.  He was not seriously hurt.  The chauffeur was arrested.

After knocking down Kate Sullivan, an employe of the Longacre Hotel, at Forty-ninth Street and Broadway, yesterday afternoon, the chauffeur of an auto picked her up and drove her to Roosevelt Hospital.  There he left her and hurried away before the police arrived.  Two witnesses followed the chauffeur to the hospital and gave the license number of the machine to the police.  The woman was only slightly injured.

Four automobile drivers were held for trial by Magistrate Herrman in the Morrisania Court yesterday on the charge of exceeding the speed limit. One of the men, Harry S. Rogers, 24 years old, of 129 South Fourth Avenue, Mount Vernon, and who is employed by William F. Tilton of 19 Summit Avenue, Mount Vernon, was arrested after a chase of more than three miles by Policeman Nerney on a motor cycle.

Thomas Carey, 32 years old, of 106 West Sixty-fourth Street, who said he was employed by R. Sutro of 44 Pine Street, was held in $300 bail for trial on the charge of speeding and $100 for having no chauffeur's badge.  He was arrested on the Boston Post Road for going twenty-seven miles an hour.  William H. Browning, 44 years old, of 18 West Fifty-fourth Street, was held in $300 bail for trial.  He was arrested by policeman Remington on the Boston Post Road for going at the rate of twenty-eight miles an hour.  Charles Samick, 29 years old, of 140 East Fifty-third Street, who said, he was employed by Arthur C. James of 92 Park Avenue, was also held for trial in the same amount.

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