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The New York Times
December 26, 1909

J.M. Gilbert Offers Good Advice to Motorists in Handling Cars.

Motoring is a most healthful and enjoyable pastime.  Few car owners actively engaged in business cover more miles in the course of the year than J. M. Gilbert of Mount Vernon, N. Y.  He travels daily to his office in New York City, usually accompanied by his wife, who returns again in the evening with their daughter.  Weather conditions are of no consideration to them, and in rain or shine they can be found traveling after business hours over the roads between these cities.  In an interview with Mr. Gilbert he gave the following valuable advice:

"Travel and tour all leisure time possible and take good care of your car.  Wear and tear will always be moderate if immediate repairs and necessary replacements are given prompt attention.  Using a motor car during leisure time is most beneficial, keeping one out of doors, the prime reason for many car purchases."

Mr. Gilbert follows his own advice, and told of a trip taken last Winter during Christmas time from New York to Buffalo and return.  There was plenty of snow and cold weather, and the roads in many places seemed almost inaccessible to a motor car, but with fur coats and plenty of warm wraps, also a big car to forge ahead against the beating snow, the trip was most enjoyable and long to be remembered.

The scenery through Central New York State is beautiful, especially in Summer, and nearly as pleasing during the Winter months.  The snowclad hills and the frozen roads give a most spectacular view.  Fast time seemed almost impossible traveling under such conditions.  In returning Mr. Gilbert and party reached Schenectady at 6 P. M., making Albany in seventeen minutes over untraveled roadways for many days, and from Schenectady to his home in Mount Vernon, a distance of approximately 170 miles, the elapsed time was eight hours, running time seven hours.

A completely fitted and well adjusted car, an experienced driver, and merry company makes such traveling most pleasant, and with hearts full of the merry Christmas time such trips are never forgotten.

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