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Land Rover Introduces CO2 Offset Programme At Auto Show

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Land Rover Introduces CO2 Offset Programme At Auto Show

Carol Mitchel
July 21, 2006

Emissions from factories and from automobiles have started to take its toll on our earth and on our environment. Just look around and you would feel the heat of the surroundings. Try going to the top of a building and you surely would find the rest of the metro engulfed in smog and dirty air.

If this kind of situation is not remedied as soon as possible, our environment would become dirtier and more and more unclean as each minute passes. And that is why one of the popular auto brands in the automotive world – Land Rover – has already taken a big and significant leap towards finding the right ways to further prevent destruction of the environment and lessening the good quality of air.

The brand calls it the CO2 Offset Program and this program is out to find solutions and answers to all the problems that the climate and the environment are suffering from. Through this Land Rover program, both customers and the company would be able to contribute towards the kind of environment that we had decades ago. And stores that offer Land Rover driveshaft and axle parts and other Land Rover items would also be able to help out in such a campaign in their own ways. This program is so huge that it has been called as the largest and the most comprehensive campaign on the environment that has been done by an automaker in the United Kingdom.

According to Phil Popham who is the managing director of Land Rover, “This announcement is part of a multi-stage and ongoing approach by Land Rover to environmental care and sustainability. Our CO2 Offset Programme is the second demonstration from Land Rover in five months that it is helping to minimize the impact of its manufacturing processes and vehicles on the environment.”

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