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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


The New York Times
December 12, 1909

Many Manufacturers Disappointed on Account of Failure to Secure Space to Exhibit Models.


Lost Shows a Total of 323 Different Displays—Motor Cycles Make Good Showing—List of Exhibitors.

That the tenth National automobile show in Madison Square Garden, Jan. 8 to 15, will eclipse any former exhibition of motor cars, motorcycles, and accessories ever held in this building is assured by the official list of exhibitors just issued by the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers, under whose auspices the show is held.  The list shows a total of 323 different displays, of which there are 54 exhibits of complete cars, besides 246 exhibits of accessories and parts, and 23 motorcycle exhibits.

Even with an increase over last year of more than 7,000 feet of exhibition space, which the show managers by ingenious methods were able to squeeze out of the Garden interior, there is not one foot of space available for exhibition purposes to be had in any part of the building at present, and there is a long waiting list of manufacturers.  This situation is a striking commentary on the growth of the industry, when it is realized that at the first automobile show in this country, in 1900, there were only 60 exhibitors who displayed their product in the Garden.

As in previous years, this show of the standard makers of licensed cars has been departmentized so that visitors may find more readily those things that interest them.  On the main floor and elevated platform will be found only gasoline pleasure cars.  Electric pleasure vehicles are to be exhibited in the "exhibition hall" off the foyer at the Madison Avenue end.  The basement will be occupied by commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and the overflow accessories.  The concert hall, balconies, and elevated platform will accommodate the exhibits of accessories.  Visitors to the Garden show will be agreeably surprised at the distribution of exhibitors, which will give the impression of a vast space not uncomfortably filled with cars, and allowing plenty of elbow room.  The list of motor-car exhibitors follows:

Main Floor.—Elmore Manufacturing Company, Everitt-Metzger-Flanders Company, Studebaker Automobile Company, F. B. Stearns Company, Knox Automobile Company, Columbia Motor Car Company, Autocar Company, Corbin Motor Vehicle Corporation, Matheson Motor Car Company, The Pope Manufacturing Company, Lozier Motor Company, Locomobile Company of America, American Locomotive Company, Packard Motor Car Company, Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company, Cadillac Motor Car Company, Chalmers-Detroit Motor Company, E. R. Thomas Motor Company, H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company, Winton Motor Carriage Company, Stevens-Duryea Company, Peerless Motor Car Company, Buick Motor Company.

Elevated Platform.—Selden Motor Vehicle Company, The Willys-Overland Company, Hewitt Motor Company, Royal Tourist Car Company, Mercer Auto Company, Olds Motor Works, Haynes Automobile Company, Waltham Manufacturing Company, Hudson Motor Car Company, Apperson Brothers Automobile Company.

Exhibition Hall.—Woods Motor Vehicle Company, S. R. Bailey & Co., Inc., The Waverly Company, Babcock Electric Carriage Company, Columbia Motor Car Company, The Baker Motor Vehicle Company, The Anderson Carriage Company, The Rauch & Lang Carriage Company.

Basement, Commercial Vehicle Department—Knox Automobile Company, E. R. Thomas Motor Company, Studebaker Automobile Company, Baker Motor Vehicle Company, H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company, American Locomotive Company, The Autocar Company, General Vehicle Company, Packard Motor Car Company, The Pope Manufacturing Company, Alden Sampson Manufacturing Company, Hewitt Motor Company.

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