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OnStar System Upgraded For GM Vehicles

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OnStar System Upgraded For GM Vehicles

Terry Brown
July 21, 2006

What could be more appealing to the auto market than innovations, inventions, tips, and technologies that could help car drivers and owners save much on the high priced gas. And to make sure that the market gets such, General Motors Corporation, or much known as GM or GMC, has recently upgraded the OnStar concierge system so as to assist drivers in saving on gas and cutting down on fuel expenses.

The new and upgraded OnStar service would actually lend a hand to drivers by reminding them of any maintenance that needs to be done. Of course, these maintenance duties are those that could make them save much on expenses on fuel for these could and would improve any vehicle’s fuel economy. These reminders also make sure that the GM vehicle would be making total use and extending the life of the genuine GM parts. Any unnecessary changes of the oil would also be another added advantage that the OnStar system could give to drivers and car owners.

Aside from this, OnStar would also be sending out emails each month to every person that uses OnStar services. These emails would contain tips and reminders to help them save much on driving costs. One of the latest OnStar emails came directly from its president, Chet Huber. This new email contains pieces of advice on any problems that GM drivers and owners might be encountering when it comes to the vehicle’s air bags, braking system, and other systems.

As per OnStar users, they would be receiving alerts from the system and service. If their GM car needs to change its oil, if the vehicle has any problems with its braking system or its emissions, or if the car has got tires that are over inflated or under inflated, the system would be reminding the drivers and the owners.

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