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The New York Times
December 20, 1909

Auto of President of Empire Bag Co. Runs Down Lillian Ackerson Coming from Sunday School.


Wealthy Man Dies After Auto Crash—Two Others in Car Badly Hurt.

The Sunday school in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, had only just been dismissed yesterday afternoon when four-year-old Lillian Ackerson of 75 Nichols Avenue was run down by an automobile a few hundred feet from the church before the eyes of her brother and sister.  She died in a few minutes.

The car was driven by its owner, Charles W. Carman, President of the Empire Bag Manufacturing Company of New York City, who lives at 50 Hilton Avenue, Hempstead, L. I.  In the car with him were his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bronfield of 64 Hilton Avenue, Hempstead, and Barry Barbour, a negro attendant.

Several machines were passing along Ridgewood Avenue at the time, and it is thought that the child, in avoiding one of the autos, ran in front of Mr. Carman's.  Her little brother, Alfred, leaned forward to grasp the victim just as the car struck her.  The machine was quickly stopped and Mr. Carman jumped out and picked up the senseless little one.  Placing her in the arms of his wife, who was in the tonneau with Mrs. Bronfield, Mr. Carman started at high speed for the nearest hospital.  Down Ridgewood Avenue they sped to the Bradford Street Hospital, where it was found that the child was dead.

Mr. Carman was arrested on a charge of homicide and taken to the Liberty Avenue Police Station.  He was afterward released by order of Magistrate Hylan.

The mother of the child fell unconscious when her other two little ones rushed home with news of the accident.  Her condition last night was said to be serous.

One chauffeur ran down another in this city yesterday.  As Edward Hogan of 4,322 Hudson Boulevard, Union Hill, N. J., chauffeur for Julius H. Schoenberg of the Hotel Netherland, was driving his car into the Plaza garage at 33 East Fifty-eighth Street yesterday morning, he ran into William Chisholm of 300 East Seventieth Street, a chauffeur employed in the garage, knocking him down, fracturing his left knee, and injuring him internally.  Chisholm was removed to the Flower Hospital

While taking a patient from his home to Flower Hospital in an automobile ambulance last night Dr. F. Darnell of the hospital staff paused long enough to cause the arrest of James Barrett of 718 Fifth Avenue on a charge of obstructing an ambulance.  Barrett's automobile and the ambulance narrowly escaped a collision at Park Avenue and Sixty-third Street.  When taken to the West Sixty-seventh Street Police Station Mr. Barrett put up $100 cash bail to insure his appearance in Yorkville Court this morning.

Daniel Breisacher of 666 Jefferson Place, the Bronx, who was arrested twice on Saturday by Sergt. Nerney of the motorcycle squad for alleged speeding, was discharged by Magistrate Steinert, in the Morrisania Court yesterday.

The Boulevard Commissioners of the Hudson County Boulevard, which stretches from Bergen Point, N. J., to Guttenberg, have placed on duty along the boulevard a force of policemen on motor cycles, whose sole duty will be to patrol the road and keep automobilists and motor cyclists from exceeding the speed limit.

When Joseph Treceon, chauffeur for John E. Parsons, was arraigned in the Flushing, L. I., Police Court yesterday for speeding on Saturday on the Hoffman Boulevard, he was held for Special sessions.

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