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The New York Times
December 30, 1909

Highways Society Learns the Identity of One Who Ran Down a Girl.

Edward S. Cornell, Secretary of the National Highways Protective Society, said yesterday that the organization had ascertained the identity of the chauffeur whose taxicab ran down and severely injured Miss Alice Mohen, a stenographer, at Broadway and 137th Street, recently.  For the present, he said, the name would be kept secret, as detectives are still trying to catch the man.

The automobile knocked Miss Mohen down as she was trying to dodge it.  Her hair and clothing were caught in the gearing of the car and she was dragged along the street.  The chauffeur ran the machine back and forth, until at length the woman was jolted off into the street, where she was picked up unconscious.

Mr. Cornell said that agents of the Highways Society had been on the trail of the chauffeur since the day of the accident, and that he had disappeared from the city.  The agents obtained an accurate description of the auto, he said, and there was no mistake in the identity of the chauffeur.  The latter, he said, has given various names at different places where he has stopped since the accident, to throw detectives off his trail.

The Highways Society, of which Henry Clews, the banker, is President, will try to have a bill passed by the Legislature this Winter providing a penalty of one year in prison for a chauffeur who runs away after an accident involving injury to an individual, and also for reform in licensing drivers and owners of cars.

In reply to inquiries sent out by the society for information as to the number of persons killed and injured by automobiles during the year in up-State cities, the organization has learned that in Rochester 29 were injured and 6 killed; Syracuse, 9 killed; Utica, 4 killed; Binghamton, 3 injured; 1 killed; Albany, 6 killed; Auburn, 1 killed; Amsterdam, 1 injured; 1 killed.  In Yonkers there were thirty-three accidents.

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