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New Ford Vehicles For 2007 Says Fields

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New Ford Vehicles For 2007 Says Fields

Jason Moore
July 20, 2006

Mark Fields, the executive vice president and the president of the Ford Motor Company Americas, has recently sent out a statement refuting the report given out by Wall Street. According to Wall Street, the auto company is very slow in doing restructuring. Aside from this, the business organization also claims that the Ford Motor Company would not be able to keep up for it does not have enough new products that they could send out to the auto market.

Aside from Wall Street, Merrill Lynch has also got some things to say about the auto manufacturer. John Murphy, from the mentioned organization, even writes, “The pace of Ford’s new product introductions is well behind the industry average, which is an ominous sign for Ford’s market share and leaves its current restructuring efforts short of rightsizing the company.”

New Ford vehicles are already in the process of production, according to Fields. He even claims that by next year, 2007, the market would come to know more Ford vehicles and cars that would be new to them. However, Fields, during an interview with a reputable press reporter, would not identify the models that the company would be sending out. Along that line, he only emphasizes that the list of Ford vehicles have received a lot of new developments which the company still has not yet announced to the public. In this sense, auto parts makers would then have to predict just what parts they need to create. They could create Ford F350 pickup parts but they could never really see what other replacement parts could these new and upgraded Ford cars and vehicles really need.

Fields further states for emphasis, “It is going to be a busy year for us. We have a lot of products coming.” And with that said, the auto market sure has to be on their feet if they want to keep up with any new offerings the Ford Motor Company could be sending out to our streets and roads.

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