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Freeing The Land Rover Freelander

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Freeing The Land Rover Freelander

Stacey Wilson
July 20, 2006

Ever heard about the Land Rover Freelander 2? Maybe you may have. However, the Land Rover Freelander 2 was only shown to private groups but never to the public. And now, this new vehicle from the Land Rover brand of vehicles has been set out for the public’s viewing and gawking during the Goodwood Festival of Speed which was held during the start of this month, July.

Land Rover LR2 is also another name for the Land Rover Freelander. However, to make it easier to differentiate the two, the Land Rover Freelander nameplate would be used in the European auto market. However, as per the Land Rover LR2 name, this would be used in marketing the vehicle to the North American auto market. This vehicle has been manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and then further marketed under the Land Rover brand. It has been built to compete against the Acura RDX, the BMW X3, Hummer H3, and Infiniti FX35 as well as every other vehicle in the compact crossover sport utility vehicle class. Owners find the Land Rover Freelander/LR2 to be quite an easy vehicle to maintain. All Land Rover parts are available in the market and through the Internet. This has been primarily because this Land Rover model has been in the market since the late 1990s.

Ford Motor Company’s EUCD platform has formed the base of the all-new Land Rover Freelander. Aside from this, the new compact crossover SUV would also be having good choices for its engine. There is the 3.2 straight six engine that has been used in the Volvo SI6 series. Another engine choice is the 2.2 DW12 common rail turbodiesel engine.

If you are thinking about equipment and features, remember that the Land Rover Freelander has got tons of it. There is the usual set of standard equipment and, of course, you would also find the newest and best technologies available in the auto planet.

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