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The New York Times
December 23, 1922

Production Is Reported as Keeping Up to the Surprising Mark of November.


During Eleven Months of Year 2,345,000 Cars Were Built, Says Automotive Industries.

Although the month of December is generally one of quiet in the automobile industry, it is expected to establish a new high record in the matter of production this year, according to predictions by the trade.  This will be brought about, it is said, notwithstanding the usually well sustained operations of the earlier months of the year.  Production is moving along toward the inventory-taking period on relatively high programs with major automobile plants keeping to schedules that are remarkably good for this season.

"November proved to be one of the surprises of the year, with 232,000 cars and trucks produced," says Automotive Industries in a review of conditions in the trade.  "This was only 6,000 less than the October output, but 26,000 more than the total for September, the previous short month.  Production for the eleven months approximates 2,345,000 and prospects are that for the full year it will aggregate 2,550,000."

In connection with the movement of cars the paper says that "there are no perceptible signs that dealers are stocking cars.  The fact that a general shortage of closed models continues has led to a somewhat stronger demand for open types, fitted to meet the rigors of Winter.  The popularity of the closed car, however, shows no abatement and is responsible for the increased percentage of this type in practically all production schedules that have been announced for next year.  To eliminate much of the trouble that has been experienced in obtaining bodies, a marked expansion of body producing is taking place, the effect of which will be felt in next year's car output.

"The transportation situation has shown some improvement, with cars going forward to dealers with more irregularity.  Winter weather will force a heavier burden on rail equipment in the movement of finished products, although plans formulated for keeping highways cleared of snow will make driveways feasible and a big factor in getting cars into owners' hands.

"Truck demand, especially in the lighter vehicles, has shown a consistently steady gain.  Manufacturers expect notable improvement to come with the turn of the year and with an increase in buying on the part of the farmer.  Rail cars and motor buses are being manufactured in greater volume to meet a steadily improving demand.  While parts business is somewhat lighter than in the earlier months, it continues to be entirely satisfactory. This branch of the industry has experienced a highly successful year, with operations maintained on a high level and collections showing little variation."

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