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Used Parts Bin: "Get The License Plate"

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Used Parts Bin: "Get The License Plate"

Bill Crittenden
February 22, 2014

So, this is a funny car story that needed to be committed to history, coming from Roger out of St. Louis.  Roger was a Property Manager for a commercial real estate company, and I know from my security work that's a great source of stories.

So, as is general standard operating procedure when someone has an accident on the property you call the Property Manager and let them know about it.  So night shift security guy calls Roger and tells him about a car that went through a fence on the property.  Half asleep, Roger just tells security to get the guy's license plate and he'll take care of the rest in the morning.

99.9% of the world understands the order to "get the license plate."  But not Mr. Night Shift Security.  (I also know from experience that before the mid-2000's there were some real, um, characters in the security business).

So Roger walks into his office in the morning, and the license plate is sitting there waiting for him on his chair.  Not a slip of paper with the license number written on it, but literally the license plate off of the car.

We can only imagine how that conversation went between the security guard and the vehicle owner!

Oh, and how does such a story come up?  Because in my time as a security officer I had submitted a report to Roger about a car that went through the fence on the property he was managing at the time (I was working for him).  I guess this is a more common ocurrence than people expect it to be, considering that in the last 2 years the place giving music lessons and the DMV (yes, the actual state DMV) in Woodstock have had cars drive through their front windows.

Roads?  Those are just general suggestions of where to drive...

Have a funny story that needs to be recorded for history's sake?  These are the details that make history come alive, and we need your input!  E-mail admin@carsandracingstuff.com and we may include your stories in the Library!

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