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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


The New York Times
December 26, 1922

Machine Caught Between Trolley Tracks in Newark—Companion Injured.


Skull is Fractured When Automobile Strikes Her—Three Others Hurt on Way to Park.

One man was killed yesterday when the motorcycle in which he was riding became wedged between two trolley cars, and another died from injuries received when he was knocked down by an automobile.  Three little girls, on their way to spend Christmas afternoon in Central Park, were among those injured in automobile accidents.

Joseph Rotison, 27, of 215 New Street, Newark, was caught and killed between two trolley cars at High and Academy Streets, Newark. Michael Migliacci, 24, of 319 West Sixty-seventh Street, Manhattan, who was in the side car of the motorcycle, suffered a fractured skull and bodily hurts, and was to moved to St. Michael's Hospital in a serious condition.

Henry Meine, 62, a retired manufacturer of 67 Morris Avenue, New Rochelle, died in the New Rochelle Hospital early in the day from injuries suffered the preceding night when he was struck by an automobile as he was crossing Union Avenue.  William Condon, the chauffeur, of 157 Franklin Avenue, was paroled by the coroner pending an inquest.

When Miss Helen R. Seymour of 32 West 189th Street was being removed to her home from Harlem Hospital last evening, where she had been attended for injuries received in a crash between two cars, the auto in which she was riding struck Miss Alvah Johnson of 37 West 126th Street at Lenox Avenue and 145th Street.  Miss Johnson was but slightly hurt and was able to go to her home after being attended by an ambulance surgeon.

Miss Seymour received her injuries at Lenox Avenue and 139th Street about an hour before, when an automobile in which she was a passenger, and driven by Edward Kent of 43 East 132d Street, crashed with a taxicab operated by Edward Klusak of 535 East Eighty-eighth Street.  Glass from the windshield of the automobile inflicted cuts on the young woman's head.  Kent was taking her home in his car when he ran into Miss Johnson.

An automobile operated by Ralph Levine of 1,072 Kelly Street, the Bronx, knocked down three girls at Fifth Avenue and 113th Street in the afternoon.  Angola Agal, 14, of 123 East 114th Street, and Jennie Dannon, 6, of 126 East 114th Street, were found to be in serious condition when they and Jennie's twin sister, Rachel, were removed to Mount Sinai Hospital.  Rachel suffered slight cuts on the arms and body.  Levine received a summons for driving the vehicle without a license.

Helen Fink, 9, of 1,682 Woodbine Street, Ridgewood, Queens, was removed in a dying condition to the Bushwick Hospital last evening.  Her skull was fractured and she suffered internal injuries when she was struck by an automobile at Cypress Avenue and Woodbine Street.  The auto was operated by the owner, Richard Neppert, of 61 Tillery Street, Brooklyn.

Six persons received slight injuries last night when a taxicab and a touring car came together at St. Nicholas Avenue and 138th Street.  The taxicab was operated by Charles W. Turner of 181 West 135th Street, who received cuts from glass on the face.  The occupants, Sarah Lipman, 19, of 60 West 119th Street, and Edna Marner, 19, of 2,015 Third Avenue, suffered cuts and bruises on the arms and legs.

The touring car was operated by Philip Forsburg of 19 Oxford Street, Jamaica, and its occupants were Harry Oldstone of 104 West 115th Street and Charles Krakwosh and his wife Louise, of 478 West 159th Street.  They suffered slight bruises.  All were attended by Dr. Cassasa of Harlem Hospital and went home.

Michael McGovern of 154 West Ninetieth Street, motorman on an Eighth Avenue surface car, suffered contusions on the head and body last night when the car crashed with a motor truck owned by the New York Edison Company at 123d Street.  George Rowe of 175 East Ninety-sixth Street, helper on the truck, received a fracture of the left arm.  Both were attended by Dr. Wahrman of Harlem Hospital.

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