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The New York Times
December 20, 1922

Robert S. Entwhistle, Former Stage Manager for Charles Frohman, Dead in Hospital.


Chauffeur, Who Sped Away After Looking at His Victim, Never Found.

Robert S. Entwhistle of 140 East Seventy-second Street, formerly an actor and stage manager for the late Charles Frohman, died in the Prospect Heights Hospital, Brooklyn, yesterday, from injuries received when knocked down by an automobile at Park Avenue and Seventy-second Street on Election Day.  He leaves three motherless children, who will be taken care of by his brother, Harold Entwhistle of Cincinnati, general manager for Walter Hampden.

Harold Entwhistle, who was at the Hotel Flanders last night, said that his brother's spine was broken in two places and was shoved up into the brain.  The injury to the brain resulted in his death.  According to Harold Entwhistle, the car that struck his brother was a large private car, driven by a chaffeur.  The chauffeur jumped down and looked at the injured man and then ran back to his car and drove away rapidly, Harold Entwhistle said.

A man and woman who saw the accident took the injured man to the Presbyterian Hospital in another automobile.  He was later removed to Bellevue and then to the private hospital in Brooklyn.  The witnesses failed to note the license number of the automobile correctly, and no trace of the automobile has been found.

The accident happened about 10:30 o'clock at night when Mr. Entwhistle was on his way home from a shop he conducted at Madison Avenue and Fifty-fourth Street.  According to his brother, it was the only shop of its kind in the world.  Mr. Entwhistle made fancy boxes and had a large clientele for his product among wealthy people.

Mr. Entwhistle, who was about 59 years old, was born in London and was brought to this country by Charles Frohman.  He played character comedy parts until about six years ago, when he retired from the stage.  His children are Millicent, 15 years; Milton, 5, and Robert, 4.  Harold Entwhistle will take his brother's body to Cincinnati today, and it will be buried in Glendale Cemetery there.

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