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Run that stop sign at Walmart?

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McHenry County, Illinois Walmart

Run that stop sign at Walmart?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
January 29, 2014

Are you thinking about running that stop sign at the Walmart in Woodstock? Or parking in the fire lane and running into the store "just for a minute"? Or cranking up your stereo to the point it could be heard on the Square? Or reckless driving or any other violation of Woodstock's Traffic Code or the Illinois Vehicle Code?

Woodstock Police can now ticket you in the Walmart parking lot, thanks to a new Vehicular Control Contract (VCC) between the City and Walmart. It was tucked away in the Consent Agenda for City Council action on January 21. I wasn't there, but I presume they passed it without discussion.

Woodstock doesn't have many VCCs in effect. The one for the parking lot in front of the old Jewel-Osco location must have expired after Jewel moved.

The City refused to enter into a VCC at the new Jewel-Osco location. Jewel corporate offices wanted it. The strip of stores were Papa John's is wanted it. But there was a third property owner who didn't, and the City would not write a VCC with the two who did want it.

I heard plenty of complaints about dangerous conditions for pedestrians trying to cross the driveway between the parking lot and Jewel or Hallmark or the video store (before it closed).

Walmart's voice, as a big taxpayer, is louder. When they speak, the City listens.

I wonder if Walmart or the City will install signs to alert drivers that traffic laws will be enforced in the Walmart parking lot. (This could be asking too much.) That would also be a good place for the police department's electronic message trailer. Hint, hint...

Perhaps the police will be ticketing the tractor-trailer units that park there overnight. Or will they just call the big tow truck and have them towed? A ticket is the right action, Officers.

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