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The New York Times
December 31, 1922

With only a few days to complete the fourth quarter of the year, automobile production by the General Motors group is estimated at 468,355 cars, divided as follows: Buick, 134,000; Cadillac, 22,000; Chevrolet, 249,000; Oakland, 26,000; Oldsmobile, 23,000.  Commercial cars, Chevrolet, 2,900; GMC Trucks, 5,600; Oldsmobile, 1,500.  Miscellaneous, 4,355.

The Stratton-Bliss Company, distributers of Dodge Brothers cars, have designed a distinctive four-passenger coupe.  The body is custom built throughout and combines distinction, rapid acceleration, short turning radius and small parking space.  It is on exhibition at the showrooms, Broadway and Fifty-seventh Street.

A gratifying indication of a widening European market is the receipt by the Buick Motor Company of shipping orders for cars to Bucharest, Rumania, Kauhas, Lithuania and Beirut, Syria.

The first showing of the 1923 Chandler models, the presentation of $10,000 prize money and a Chandler Six Dispatch car to the twenty-four winners in a national retail sales contest, will feature the distributers' and dealers' sales and service convention of the Chandler Motor Car Company in Cleveland this week.

The Champion Spark Plug Company at Toledo is making 120,000 spark plugs each working day.  The 1922 production will exceed 35,000,000 spark plugs.

The Cadillac Motor Car Company last Fall inaugurated a system of setting aside one week in September for the showing of its closed models in all the principal cities of the United States.  The Cadillac Company now produces more than half of its cars in closed models.

William C. Poertner, distributer of Durant cars, says that more than 5,000 Durant cars are in use in the metropolitan district.

Standard equipment on all Oldsmobile cars will in the future consist of a headlight reflector so corrugated that the light beams are thrown directly down to the road level without the aid of special lenses.  The glass in the headlights will be plain window glass, which can be replaced with very small outlay.

The Anderson Motor Company will give away one of its speedster models during the Automobile Show in Grand Central Palace opening Saturday night.  The contest is limited to dealers attending the show.

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