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The New York Times
December 24, 1922

Fifth Avenue Association Names Committee to Enlist Aid of Other Organizations.

The co-operation of all the organizations in New York City interested in the improvement of traffic conditions is the object of a movement just launched by the Fifth Avenue Association, which several days ago gave the city the first of seven new permanent bronze signal towers to direct the movement of traffic on Fifth Avenue. That the movement may be started more speedily the Fifth Avenue Association has created a new committee to deal specifically with traffic problems.

At the suggestion of its Traffic Committee the directors of the association devoted its last meeting entirely to the traffic problem, which was discussed by Dr. John A. Harriss, Special Deputy Police Commissioner in charge of traffic, who is a director of the association. The plan to enlist all other organizations in the movement is disclosed by a summary of the action of the directors, which says:

"The various improvements that are pending before the Board of Estimate, so ably presented by Borough President Miller, as well as other street improvements that have been put forward by him, were considered, and the suggestions of Commissioner Enright at the annual dinner of the association, held on Nov. 14, as well as the suggestion of Commissioner Harriss, made thereafter, were also discussed at length.

"The said Board of Directors therefore passed resolutions appointing a special committee with power to consider the subject of traffic problems within and about the City of New York, this committee to invite the co-operation of all other interested organizations and initiate such steps as may be necessary, with the consent and approval of the city authorities, to obtain such legislation as may be necessary for the appointment of a commission to consider this subject in its every phase.

"It was the opinion of the members of the said Board of Directors that I this way, as in the question of zoning, the problem can be properly studied in order to bring about a comprehensive plan that will properly set forth the requirements necessary to relieve and solve this situation.

"Mr. Cooke, President of the association, commenting upon the action of the Board of Directors of the association, stated: "I believe that the action of our Board of Directors today is the first real definite step that has been taken to bring about a comprehensive plan that will solve the traffic problems in and about the City of New York. For a long time we have all been aware that the problem was acute. Our Traffic Committee has given considerable time to the studies of various amendments to the traffic ordnance, &c., and I believe that through a commission such as was appointed on zoning all the different plans and suggestions can be co-ordinated into a definite program which can be put into effect. It is conceded now that further regulation will only be a temporary relief and that a definite, actual plan looking toward the increase in traffic, not alone this year but for many years to come, must be adopted at once if the business of New York is to be conducted freely and readily through the streets of the city.

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