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Roll-over crash

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Emergency Services Vehicles McHenry County, Illinois

Roll-over crash

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
November 14, 2013

Rolled-over MCSD Car
It was Unit 586 of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department that rolled last Friday night near Route 31 and Pioneer Rd.

From the street the damage doesn't look at all that bad, but still the car was totaled. I couldn't tell from my point well off the turf of the sheriff's department whether the airbags deployed. Maybe there is more damage visible to the left front, left side and left rear.

The right rear tire is bent under the car. The roof, where the light bar is mounted, appears to be smashed down below the tops of the front door frames on both sides, so the car must have been on its roof. The hood is dented.

I thought about walking up to the garage office to ask permission to take pictures, but that would have put me on the property beyond the "Gus, keep out" sign at the driveway entrance. Would they have had me arrested for walking into the office?

You may have seen the picture in the Northwest Herald of the squad car that was rear-ended (and also totaled) in Crystal Lake on November 6. That picture and short article apparently got in the paper because the crash wasn't that deputy's fault.

The crash that claimed Unit 586 wasn't the other driver's fault (or, if it was, the driver didn't get a ticket). Is that why the Sheriff's Department did not promptly release any news?

I wonder when they will realize over at 2200 N. Seminary Ave. that, if they would just put out the news (good or bad), in a day or two it would be "old news".

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