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The Ultimate BMW Car Integration Kit for your iPod...

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The Ultimate BMW Car Integration Kit for your iPod...

Ben Smith
July 19, 2006

The Dension ice>Link Plus brings complete integration of the Apple iPod with your factory fitted BMW radio. Simply connect the ice>Link Plus to the CD changer socket of your radio and start enjoying crisp, clean digital music. Imagine having access to over 10,000 MP3s at the touch of a button!

The operation is simple: ice>Link Plus translates CD changer messages to iPod controls and switches the iPod automatically on and off as you select/deselect the CD changer source. The iPod is controlled from the head unit‘s CD changer keys and steering wheel controls (where available) and your iPod is charged while connected.

Forget the need for poor quality cassette adapters, illegal FM Transmitters and trailing cigarette lighter cables. The Dension ice>Link Plus is available for a huge range of OEM Factory Fitted and Aftermarket radios. Select from Dension's range of iPod applications such as Active Cradle or Dock Cable for a perfect integration. All applications support both Dension user interface mode and original iPod user interface mode and now ice>Link Plus now features video output for great integration with rear seat entertainment systems.

Simple interface... The ice>Link Menu is the main feature of the ice>Link user interface allowing you to easily navigate through the different play modes such as scan, repeat and shuffle. The menu also lets you enter the playlist browser, where you can access all of your iPod's playlists enhancing your listening experience. The ice>Link Plus gives your iPod two modes of operation.

1. iPod Direct Access Mode - The iPod will play/pause when you enter/exit CD changer mode on your radio. In addition, the iPod responds to FF/RW from your head unit keys and steering wheel controls (where available)

2. iPod Playlist Mode - Your iPod maps the first five playlists stored on the iPod to CDs 1-5 on your head unit keys. Although the iPod keypad is disabled in this mode, the iPod display (and CD Text/dashboard displays in some applications) will show ID3 data of the currently playing song. Advanced content features including Random, Repeat, Scan and AlbumPlay are also available, even on radios that don't have these features. Pressing CD6 accesses the ice>Link Plus menu that lets you browse all of the playlists on your iPod using your head unit FF/RW keys. The menu also provides configuration options for advanced features of the ice>Link Plus.

(N.B. the original 1G/2G iPods that don't have the bottom-mounted dock connector do not support Ice Link Plus playlist mode or the menu) Features • Converts iPod to a virtual CD changer • Song information displayed on the iPod screen (3G and up) • Play Time, Artist and Title information presented on Radio Display (if radio supports) • Adjustable output +/-4 V

Directly controls iPod • Start/stop at selection/deselection of CD Changer source • Next/Back, FF/REW, Random/Repeat/Scan (if radio supports) • Direct access to the first 5 playlists by selecting Discs

Menu for advanced features and setting, like: • Playlist browser • AlbumPlay • Languages • iPod battery charging mode

Control your iPod... Use your radio or iPod to navigate through playlists, albums and songs and access the simple to use iPod interface. The ice>Link interprets the radio controls from your vehicle to the iPod to emulate a fully loaded CD changer, but with more advanced features.

Text Display... Read the Song Title and Artist information right from your radio. This is also displayed on your iPod if your radio doesn't support text display, giving you all the info you need while on the road.

Future Proof... ice>Link Plus features upgradeable firmware. As future features are released by Dension, you can download the necessary files to your iPod seamlessly updating your ice>Link Plus, ensuring you always has the latest version. Also if you change your vehicle you can update the software to be compatible with your new vehicle (a replacement vehicle harness may be required in some applications).

Mounting the Active Cradle: The Active Cradle mounts using the supplied screws, however it is recommended that an (optional) Damage-Free Mounting bracket is used ensuring an integrated, discreet and professional install.

Each Damage-Free Mounting Bracket is made for your particular car make and model ensuring a perfect fit. They install in minutes without any drilling and protect your dash from superficial damage. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each bracket.

Author’s Info: Ben is a successful technical consultant on design of iPod systems and writes regularly for http://ipodcarkitdirect.co.uk Article Summary: The Dension ice>Link Plus brings complete integration of the Apple iPod with your factory fitted Audi radio.

Article Summary: The Dension ice>Link Plus brings complete integration of the Apple iPod with your factory fitted BMW radio.

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