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What To Do When You Need A Fuel Removal Service

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What To Do When You Need A Fuel Removal Service

Melanie Kamdar
November 18, 2013

Fuel removal is necessary when you have misfuelled your vehicle. This means putting petrol into a diesel engine or, diesel into a petrol tank. It is a problem that affects people all over the UK every day. If it happens to you, you do not have to worry. There are however, some important things that you need to know about fuel removal from your car, truck, motorbike or other vehicle.

In order to minimise the damage caused to your engine by accidental misfuelling, it is important that you do not start the engine. If you have already started the engine and begun to drive away, then pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. The less your engine runs with the wrong fuel inside of it, the less damage it is likely to cause.

As soon as possible, you need to contact a specialised fuel removal company. There are many of these companies around but, like any industry, there are a few cowboys lurking so do your homework and check the company you call is a legitimate and reputable business.

A good fuel removal or drain down company will have accreditation by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and may even hold an ISO accreditation too. It will only take you 1 minute to find out if the company you speak to holds the right certificates to prove they are reputable and ok to entrust with one of your most valuable possessions. It is always wise to trust your instincts so if the people you speak to are cagey about proving their credentials or, you feel uneasy for any reason, do not select that company. Keep looking for one that reassures you. If they have nothing to hide, they will be delighted to show you their hard earned accreditations and testimonials from previously satisfied customers.

Once you have called them, they should be able to attend to your vehicle on the petrol forecourt, by the side of the road or on your drive. Wherever you are in distress, they will be able to rescue you. Once the wrong fuel has been successfully removed from your tank, it will be thoroughly flushed and replaced with the correct fuel. In most cases, the problem is now solved and you can continue with your day without further disruption. The entire process should take around an hour depending on your fuel tank size.

For more information or, if you need emergency fuel removal, speak to the experts today by calling 01827 282 336 or visit www.fuelrescue.co.uk

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