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What Is Car Detailing And How It Prevents Your Car's Paint From Deteriorating

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What Is Car Detailing And How It Prevents Your Car's Paint From Deteriorating

Coby McGibbons
November 25, 2013

The term car detailing is widely used, but most people do not fully understand what it means. A car washing company may quickly wash your car, or a body shop may run a polisher over your car's body, but neither is technically detailing. Car detailing is not one specific process, but rather the use of a wide variety of skills, techniques, and products to clean and protect the outside of your car.
Washing your car will remove loose dirt, contaminants, grime while detailing digs down and gets rid of the blemished that cause oxidation and etch marks on the surface of your car.

When you drive your car, it collects particles of dust, mud, sand, salt and tar that are very harmful to the paint. True car detailing removes these potentially microscopic layers of grime while laying down new layers of wax to protect your car's paint from future damage and leave it shining. Detailing your car will add longevity to its paint job, and keep the value of your car up where it should be. Professional detailing is not a luxury, but rather a necessity to keep you car looking good and functioning.

Taking Care Of Your Car The Right Way

Rub your hand on the outside of your car. If the surface feels rough or bumpy, its time to get your car detailed. Find a professional car service that specialises in car detailing; don't just take your car to the local carwash! Never use household cleaners or dishwashing detergents to clean your car. Our usual cleaners are specifically created to dissolve and remove grease, which is great in your kitchen! However, car wax is essentially grease. So when you use your dishwashing soap on your car you are removing the wax finish and actually making it easier for dust, dirt, and grime to attach itself to and permanently damage your car. You also run the risk of scratching your car's paint, or greatly decreasing its shine.

If you do want to wash your car at home, use a commercial car washing soap that is formulated to get rid of dirt, dust, and grime without affecting your car's wax finish. However, you must remember that a car wash does not take the place of car detailing!
Car detailing is crucial because our climate is very destructive of you car's paint and sealant. Our year round high temperatures pooled with high humidity levels, large amounts of dust, and extreme sunlight create one of the worst possible situations for the surface of your car body. We should get our cars detailed at least three times a year, if not significantly more, to prevent them from completely deteriorating.

Car detailing is a crucial part of your car's maintenance. Professional detailers will remove the microscopic bits of dirt and grime that cover your car's surface, and leave your car looking shiny and new for a long time.

Coby McGibbons is the business operations consultant for KS Motor Company. To view the latest used cars for sale and car detailing offers now, go to http://www.ksmotorcompany.com.au

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