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How to Determine Which Type and Size of Camper Trailer to Buy

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How to Determine Which Type and Size of Camper Trailer to Buy

Coby McGibbons
November 27, 2013

A travel trailer is a great way to enjoy trips close to home or far, far away. The convenience offered by this kind of accommodation by traveling is unmatched, giving you the chance to stay wherever you like and pitch up your home in no time at all. These kinds of trailers often include extra awnings and roomy living spaces. Knowing what size and type to purchase, however, may be difficult if you've never used one before. Luckily, we have a handy guide to determining the type and size you should choose for your next adventure.

Car Size

The first thing to consider when choosing your camper trailer is the size of your car. If you have an SUV, then you can pretty much choose one as large as you like, but if you have a smaller car then you'll be more restricted.

For a small car or a regular saloon, you may want to consider a folding camping trailer. These are much lighter and smaller than regular travel trailers, giving you a solid base that connects to a tent. The walls and roof are flexible and can be pitched in a matter of minutes, and can easily be folded back up again. While this may not be the same experience that many expect, these trailers can often accommodate between two and six people. So, even if you have a small car, you'll be able to live comfortably during your trip.


If you're looking for a more luxurious experience, then a more conventional travel trailer is your best bet. A large SUV will be ideal for this kind of trailer, but don't expect them to be cheap. You can pick up a good trailer of this kind for as little as $15,000, but a brand new one with a range of amenities can cost anywhere up to $150,000.

The more expensive travel trailers will bring you amenities like power generators, heating and air conditioning, stoves, refrigerators and even LCD televisions. Some of them even have ceiling fans! So if you have money saved for a rainy day and a car that's going to be able to pull it, you'll have a luxurious trip wherever you go.


It's always important to anticipate weather when you're traveling, and even more so when you're pulling a trailer. A traditional camper trailer made of a solid shell should be perfectly capable of keeping you comfortable even during a storm - but should you go for a camping variety, you may have more trouble. The constant pattering of rain against the tent may be off putting, but wind could make it difficult to set up.

Something Different

If you still can't decide, you should take a look at fifth-wheel trailers and see if they suit your needs well. Usually these are designed to extent over the back of large pickup trucks, but you'll need to have a specific kind of hitch installed. It's much easier to manage on long journeys but they're often pretty small. If you have the right kind of pickup truck and you're traveling light, then it's ideal!

Coby McGibbons is the business operations consultant for Eagle Campers & Tailers, WA. To view our full range of high quality camper trailers on sale now, go to http://campertrailerswa.eagletrailers.com.au

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