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Top 4 Tips to Maintain and Protect Galvanised Trailers

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Top 4 Tips to Maintain and Protect Galvanised Trailers

Coby McGibbons
November 29, 2013

Purchasing a galvanised trailer is a large investment, one which took time and though to make. Just as time is required when making the decision to purchase a trailer, time must be taken to properly care for and maintain the item for long-term use. Galvanised trailers are unique for their special treatment of the steel coating the outside of the trailer. Zinc is used to prolong the life of the trailer outside and protect from rust or other types of corrosion. To properly care for steel treated in this manner, care and special steps must be taken. Below are the top 4 tips to maintain and protect galvanised trailers.

Why Maintenance is Important

Galvanised steel is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday weather conditions and years of use, but this doesn't mean it's impervious to damage. Maintenance is important for any item you own, large or small, to keep it in peak condition throughout the time you own it, and should you ever wish to resell the item down the road.

To keep your purchase in peak condition for either your use or eventual resale, follow these top 4 tips to maintain and protect galvanised trailers throughout a lifetime of use.

Regular Cleaning - Although galvanised steel is specially treated to withstand various weather conditions and general wear and tear, it still requires cleaning and maintenance to keep the trailer in tip-top condition. Wash your trailer regularly with a specialised cleaner for the metal, especially after use in the winter to prevent salts and other minerals from building up.

Body and Chassis Maintenance - take some time every few months to get underneath the trailer and check out the parts. You'll need a flashlight to see and a screwdriver to check areas for corrosion or damage. Make sure if you notice weak areas that you have them repaired immediately.

Tyre Checks - while checking the underside of the trailer, take a look at the tires as well. Check the treads after winter excursions, and monitor the tire pressure to see when you should add air. Change tires when the tread becomes weak or worn.

Professional Maintenance - While the tips above are things you can do on your own, most of us are not trained mechanics. Have your vehicle inspected by a trained mechanic who can diagnose any major issues and perform repairs if needed. These checks don't need to be done often, but should be done at least twice a year to keep the trailer in prime condition. By following these top four tips to maintain and protect galvanised trailers, you'll ensure your trailer is in prime condition throughout the entire time you own it, and keep it ready for resell should the day come when you want to upgrade to a newer model.

Keeping Records

If you hope to resell your galvanised trailer someday, having a record of general maintenance to provide either a dealer or direct buyer with this information can increase the value. This also shows you've put pride into ownership, and that anyone buying the trailer can take this record with them to future maintenance providers and have information on the trailers overall history.

Maintaining anything we own takes time, but with that time we also get a return on our investments by ensuring they serve us well through our period of ownership. Share this information with your camping friends and enjoy the benefits of having prime galvanised trailers for use on holidays, fishing trips, or any other types of vacations you can imagine.

Coby McGibbons is the business operations consultant for Victorian Trailers. To view our full range of high quality camper trailers on sale now, go to http://trailers.victoriantrailers.com.au

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