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Some Of The Different Techniques Used By Panel Beaters

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Some Of The Different Techniques Used By Panel Beaters

Laura Lee
December 3, 2013

If your car has been involved in a road accident and the body of the vehicle is disfigured you would be looking for the best panel beaters in your area for repairing the damage.

Panel beaters are technically trained and qualified for performing repairs on the body parts of automobiles. When a vehicle involved in an accident gets damaged resulting in a disfigured body it is the panel beater who works on the body parts of the automobile brought in and bring it back to the original factory shape.

Many of the auto body repair shops employ these service technicians who are entrusted with this specific job. There are several workstations that particularly cater to such jobs with ample space for dismantling the vehicle for the panel beaters to begin work on them.

Most of the large insurance companies develop contacts with panel repair companies to whom they send the damaged car for being repaired.

Type of jobs done by panel beaters.

Various auto body repair jobs are undertaken by panel beaters and a lot depends on the type and level of damage done to the vehicle. Major work that they do is repair or replacement of the damaged parts of the body of the vehicle.

They also specialize in various types of bodywork to alter not only the external look of the car but also to improve the performance. Some of the parts work both for altering the looks and performance too.

Some of the techniques used by the panel beaters.

Panel beaters are well versed in a lot of techniques all useful for auto body repair. Depending upon the car, the level of damage and the area of damage, they select the technique to be employed.

One of the techniques known as planishing is used to smoothen a dented surface; here a helper holds a stake that is specifically shaped in accordance to the shape of the body that is to be repaired and the panel beater uses a planishing hammer and removes the dent.

When parts containing small cracks or little holes on the body of the vehicle are brought in, panel beaters use a sealant known as putty to close them and smoothen the body.

One more frequently used technique is welding; this is used when some parts are badly damaged and are beyond repair and need replacement. The damaged parts are removed using cutters and then the new one is welded to make it merge with the body skeleton.

Smelting is another technique utilized for creating custom parts using metal that are needed for restoration of the automobile to its original good looks.

Experienced panel beaters complete the job to perfection yet after their work is done they conduct a thorough check up to detect the existence of flaws if any and correct them to restore it to the utmost satisfaction of their clients.

However dedicated the panel beaters may be, the quality of the work done by them also depends much on the equipment that they possess; those who work with latest technology are sure to do a great job.

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