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Top 5 Safety Features Every Car Should Have

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Top 5 Safety Features Every Car Should Have

Coby McGibbons
December 4, 2013

We can't afford to lose our own life or the lives of our loved ones just because of our very own negligence right? A life, once lost can't be bought back by all means. When driving and riding in a car, safety should be the top priority before anything else for road accidents are very much unpredictable. How was the safety feature of your car so far? The following are the top five safety features that every car owner should not miss out on:

Automatic Headlights. The absence of lights when travelling at night will put your life into danger especially when you can't see clearly enough the vehicles you passed through. Instinctively, as a driver you will switched on your headlights. However, the newly manufactured cars now a days are more of a high-tech. They are already built-in with sensors that automatically direct the headlight beam into the direction of the car's steering.

Traction Control Systems. This system is commonly known to others as Acceleration Slip Regulation or ASR. This is very important when your car is travelling in a slippery and wet road surfaces through helping in coping up the torque when the driver accelerate the speed. That means there will be much lesser friction between the tires and pavement. In case of any accidental slippages, traction control system makes sure that you are safe by adjusting the brake pressure.

Airbags. Should there be any head-on collisions; airbags protect your head and chest through inflation during a frontal collision. When your body is at risk, there are also side airbags that will protect your upper body. These airbags are deployed when there are side impacts. Airbags are considered as important over seatbelts as it a matter between life and death in the occurrence of collision.

Anti-lock Brakes. If you are the type of a driver who often jam on the brakes, anti-lock brakes is a perfect solution for you. This feature can save your life through the use of electronic controls that stop your wheels from locking. When applying maximum level of brake, you can still steer around even without rotating. This is also a perfect safety feature of a car that used to travel in slipper and wet road surfaces.

Blind Spot Monitoring. A great feature every car must have. How does this one works? This one will tell you that there is a car, moose or motorcycle that's incoming beside you and you hardly notice them. Blind Spot Monitoring also functions as a lane departure warning. When a driver is drifting out from his lane, this safety feature alerts him through a sound. If you are a dope, turning on the other lane without getting the turning signal on, a sound alert can also be heard. This awesome safety feature is only available on Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Volvo and some Ford models.

Above everything else, before buying a car, make sure to have them check with a trustworthy and reputable mechanic. Be sure to keep the service record to assure the proper maintenance check-up of your vehicle.

Coby McGibbons is the business operations consultant for Peter James Motors in Adelaide, Australia. With over 100 years combined experience we can use our Australia wide network of contacts to find exactly what you are looking for. We can find the 4x4 to suit you! Visit us today at http://www.peterjamesmotors.com.au

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