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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Dan Hinchee
December 11, 2013

Winter brings with it the perils of not just potentially hazardous driving but additional safety concerns for your vehicles. Freezing conditions, fog and wet and salted roads can clog your vehicle systems like no other month does.

As an owner of a vehicle you should know how to equip yourself and your car for it to run smoothly during this change of season.
This is also the season when you should send your car for a good dose of servicing. However if you want to save spending precious dollars, you should learn a few handy tips that will save you the surprise of a sudden breakdown and consequent repairs.

Change Wipers
In winter there is snow, rain, and road slush that splashes onto the windscreen and only a good set of wipers can clean all that muck. Take care to then install a fresh set of wipers that cleans the dirt adequately from the windscreen.

Inspect the Tires
Examine your car tires regularly. This means checking for its tread depth and also its pressure. Remember this is not the season for cheap tires rather you should invest in radials that have the capacity to deliver solid grip on winter roads. And in case the pressure has decreased remember to pump them up as well.

Check the Antifreeze in the Radiator
In winter this is one element you just cannot do without. For your car's protection a right blend of water and antifreeze is essential. In case you're not confident whether the mixing has been adequate, get immediate help from the auto service station. However you could also purchase a tester and examine it yourself.

Refill the Washer Fluid
Just as you need a strong pair of wipers for your windshield you will require lots of washer fluid to keep it shining bright!

Other Maintenance Tips
Winter is also the time when you should brush up on the other parameters of vehicle maintenance. Here are a few must-know suggestions that will help you keep your vehicle in great shape!

• See to it that the brakes are functioning properly as they play a vital role in maintaining your car's safety. Check your brakes for any wear as a delay could mean paying for additional damages. Ideally you should check the brakes twice a year and in winter that becomes imperative.
• Though spark plug wires are quite durable, it's important to carefully inspect them as a cracked plug wire could affect gas mileage and overall performance of the vehicle. If you notice any damage it means you need to purchase a new set.
• Check the engine oil. Now this is something that you do anyways every month, but in winter it requires additional monitoring.
• Clean the batteries regularly and take care that there is no corrosion affecting them.

Winter safety and maintenance for your vehicle is absolutely essential for those living in very cold conditions. Poor road conditions, bad lighting, and harsh winter precipitation affects our vehicles readily. Adhering to the above mentioned safety checks and maintenance tips will help your vehicle perform superbly throughout the winter months.

From basic oil changes to tune-up and advanced diagnostics, Crawfordville Auto and Tire is the qualified auto mechanic team you can trust to service your vehicle.

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