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Don't Trust the Cowboys; Make Sure Your Fuel Drain is Completed by a Reputable Specialist

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Don't Trust the Cowboys; Make Sure Your Fuel Drain is Completed by a Reputable Specialist

Melanie Kamdar
December 17, 2013

Be careful when you choose a company to do a fuel drain on your vehicle. More often than not, your car is the second most expensive thing you will ever buy after your house, so it makes sense that you wouldn't want to trust an uninsured company to drain the petrol or diesel out of your fuel tank. There are increasingly more fuel drain companies available but how do you know which ones are safe to trust with your car and which ones are going to throw the unwanted fuel into the nearest river?

Misfuelling is more common in the UK than you probably realise. Every day on petrol forecourts across the country, people put the wrong fuel into their vehicle. It's a big problem but one that can be easily remedied with the help of a proper fuel drain company. So if you become one of the many people who accidentally misfuel, remember these few key things before selecting the company to come and rescue you.

Firstly, take a look at the website, does it look and feel professional? Are there testimonials on the site from satisfied clients? If not, why not? Does the company have something to hide? Is it accredited? If so, it will proudly display this on the website. Do they have a legitimate business address or are they working out of their back garden? Accreditation distinguishes a proven competent company and ensures that the selection of a fuel drain company is an informed choice and NOT a gamble.

Accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS ) means that the company has been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate its competence, impartiality and performance capability. The company should be able to easily show that it has been successful at meeting those standards.

Additionally the fuel drain company should be an Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier and Producer. This proves that it is licensed to carry the waste fuel drained from your vehicle and that it will dispose of it in the proper manner. Simply pouring it down the drain o or into the nearest lake is not only illegal but it can have devastating consequences for the environment.

The most important thing to remember is to trust your gut instincts. If you speak to a company and feel in any way uneasy about what they are saying (or not saying) then choose a different company. The cheapest company may not be the best decision. If you end up with an uninsured "cowboy" fuel drain company you could end up paying more in the long run if anything happens to your vehicle.

For more information about reputable and accredited fuel drain companies, speak to the experts at Fuel Rescue today by calling 01827 282 336 or visit www.fuelrescue.co.uk

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