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How to Get the Most Money for a Junk Car

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How to Get the Most Money for a Junk Car

Timothy Morin
December 18, 2013

How to get the most for your junk car

When you have a junk car in your driveway, garage, or parking lot, it can really cause a hassle. If you are renting an apartment or home, your landlord has probably been bothering you to get that car out for a while. If you own your own home, this junk car is lowering your property values, and it just doesn't look that great. When you learn of different ways to get rid of your junk car it is easier to go about getting that task taken care of.

A junk car is also a way that you could get some extra cash. When you have a junk car, there might be working parts that are worth money on that car. You need to make sure that you look at all aspects of your car before you just let it go. You must make sure that you get the most out of your junk car, but how do you go about doing this? With out the proper information, trying to make any money at all off of your junk car can seem like a tough thing to do. Once you have found out that you can make money off of your junk car, you need to do some more research to find out how to maximize that money you can get out of your junk car. Here are a few simple tips on how to get the most for your junk car.

Determine the Value of your junk car

Be certain to give your junk car a good look over before you are ready to cash it in. Your vehicle may have working parts that do increase the overall value. Take the time to make a list of all the parts that are working on your car because they will sell for more money if in working condition. When your car is sent to a junk yard, let them know that they can take pieces off the car and sell them individually. They will be able to make a significant amount of cash off your junk car by selling each piece individually. Take the time to write down all the working electrical parts of the vehicle so you are in a better position to negotiate when the time comes to discussing a price.

Call Around to a few different junk yards first

Before you settle on one local junk yard to take your car, it is always best to make a few phone calls and see what private buyers are willing to pay for your vehicle. Be sure to have your list of working parts ready and discuss with them that all of these parts in the car are in good working condition. You will get significantly more money for a car with working windows, transmission, engine, and lights than you would if the car is a complete piece of junk with no working parts. That being said, even if the vehicle has no working parts the body is worth value to a junk yard. Make sure that you look around at your different options so that you are able to get the best deal for your junk car.

Deliver Your Junk can yourself

The majority of junk yards will pay more money if you deliver the car to them. Whether you drive the car to them or have it towed to them, you can expect to get more money for your car because you are saving them the time of driving out to you. By saving them some money in travel costs they will pass of those savings to you in the form of a higher price for your junk. See if you have a friend who is experienced In towing cars if your car will not drive. Most of time you will be able to find one of your friends that has one means or another for towing your car. You must understand the risks of towing your own car though. Be very careful and exercise caution when you are towing your car. You don't want any major injuries or accidents to happen because of this tow.

Make sure you sell off any working parts if someone won't buy the whole car.

When you are looking to sell your junk car, it might be hard to sell the whole car off the bat. When you are looking to sell your junk car, you may be better off selling some parts for that junk car. You need to make sure that these parts are still working, or they will not have any value to them. When you have these parts harvested off the car, you will be able to list them on sites like eBay, or Car Domain. These sites have many users who are looking for parts to fix up their old cars, so with your parts you are able to fill those needs for them.

Getting the most out of your junk car can seem tough at times. After all, it is a junk car. There are going to be many people out there that are going to try and low ball you because you car isn't working. Make sure to stick it out and get the price that you know you deserve. It will pay off for you to wait out those sticklers. You will end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the day, and it will be a much better situation.

Timothy Morin is the owner of Junk Car Cash Out. He will give you the most money for your junk car and get it out of your way in a prompt manner. For more information, please visit http://junkcarcashout.com/

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