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The New York Times
December 3, 1922

Statistics just compiled show that 18,379 motor vehicles entered Yellowstone Park this year.  There were 5,529 Ford cars.  Buick was second with 2,054 and Dodge third with 1,861.  All other cars registered under 1,000.  Every State in the Union was represented, the cars carrying a total of 64,864 tourists.  There were 641 cars bearing New York plates.

W. M. Thompson, President of the Stutz Motor Car Company, says there are encouraging signs of additional buying here by foreign firms.  Norway and Sweden, he says, are particularly active, and there are indications that Spain, Holland, Denmark and others are anticipating placing orders with American manufacturers.

At a recent convention of Moon car distributers in St. Louis requests were made for 15,675 cars for 1923. The factory is planning to increase its monthly production to 1,250 cars.

The Garland Automobile Company, distributers of the Velie and Winton cars, is erecting a three-story building for its salesrooms and service station at 41 and 43 West Sixty-third Street, near Broadway.  The building torn down was at one time a well-known stable.

Models of the Columbia car being shown at the new salesroom in the Fisk Building, Fifty-seventh Street, include the light six touring car selling under $1,000, the sedan, coupe, sport roadster and special six phaeton.

James J. Hunt, New York distributer of the Rickenbacker car, has received word that the addition to the plant at Detroit is being rapidly completed.  The company took over the former plant of the Detroit Steel Company, adjoining the original Rickenbacker property.

The Auburn Automobile Company announces that a new small six Auburn car will make its initial appearance at the New York national show in January.

The Bergougnan Rubber Corporation of Trenton has increased its price on cord and fabric tires and tubes 12½ per cent.  The change is caused by the increased cost of production, due to the rise in the price of rubber and fabric.

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