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Ford Calls Couzens Best Pick for Senate; Appeals to Him to Fight 'Priviledge' Laws

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Ford Calls Couzens Best Pick for Senate; Appeals to Him to Fight 'Priviledge' Laws

The New York Times
December 3, 1922

DETROIT, Dec. 2.—Major James Couzens of Detroit, who next week will take the seat in the United States relinquished by Truman H. Newberry, is "the best man who could have been picked for the job," in the opinion of Henry Ford, former employer of Mr. Couzens.  The seat to be taken by the Detroit Mayor is the one sought four years ago by Mr. Ford, who was defeated at the polls by Mr. Newberry.

"Couzens is just the type of man needed in the Senate, not only by Michigan but by the whole country," the automobile manufacturer said in a statement tonight.

"He is a man of immense wealth and yet he still has the welfare of the public at heart.  He is independent and fearless and likes nothing better than a fight for the common people against the special interests which for years have been getting an ever-tightening grip on our Government, both State and national.

"There are two things upon which Mr. Couzens can be relied.  He never will spend a nickel for political advantage, nor will he ever let a stupid party allegiance lead him into any situation or commit him into any policy that he believes is not for the good of all the people.

"If Senator Couzens, instead of attempting to bring about the passage of additional Federal laws, will strive for the repeal of an overwhelming mass of obsolete and harmful legislation, he will perform not only a service of inestimable value to the country, but he will stand forth as one of the most constructive statesmen of his time.

"If a Senator will go to Washington with a determination to do all in his power to sweep away all the laws that make for privilege, he will be opening up a great new field of statesmanship and popular service.  We do not need more laws to prohibit abuses.  What we need is the repeal of all laws that permit abuse.  The Senator who is first to clean the statute books of these evil laws will have made the first step toward equalizing prosperity.  The unequal distribution of prosperity is the thing that is causing world-wide discontent.  The greatest weakness of American life today is the fact that prosperity is unbalanced and this condition is supported by unjust laws.

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