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The New York Times
December 11, 1922

Bicycle Rider Is Fatally Injured by Machine of Glen Cove City Clerk.

A man was killed and twelve persons were injured in automobile accidents in New York City and the vicinity yesterday.  Samuel Norwaskey, father of four children, died in the Glen Cove Hospital from injuries received when he was run down by an automobile driven by City Clerk Daniel J. Fogarty of Glen Cove.  Norwaskey was riding a bicycle along Glen Cove Avenue when the accident happened.  According to a statement that Mr. Fogarty made to Coroner William Cocks, Norwaskey was on the wrong side of the road and his bicycle had no lights.

John Ahern of 54 Carroll Street, City Island, the Bronx, lost his right eye, and Charles Levy of 500 Minniford Avenue, City Island, sustained a compound fracture of the skull, as the result of a head-on collision between automobiles they we're driving early yesterday morning.  Ethel Yonsler, 19 years old, of 400 East 156th Street, the Bronx, and Emma Andris, 20 years old, of 66 Orchard Street, City Island, who were riding in Ahern's car, received slight lacerations.

Serena Mardowitz, 8 years old, of 601 West 164th Street, received contusions of the left leg when she was struck by an automobile in Central Park near Sixtieth Street yesterday.  She was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for treatment and then allowed to return home.  The car was driven by Clarence Glass, of 455 Madison Avenue.

While crossing the Bowery at Grand Street, John F. Winters, of 77 Allen Street, was struck by an automobile.  He was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a broken right ankle.

Three men each received broken legs when the automobile of Peter Keller, 38, of 105 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, collided with the automobile of John Lacy, 702 Eighth Avenue, Astoria, at the intersection of Union Turnpike and Metropolitan Avenue, Richmond Hill, yesterday afternoon.

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