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The New York Times
December 11, 1922

Makers Predict Greatest Production in History of the Industry for 1922.


Trucks, Tires and Parts Also Report Heavy Demands—Rail Situation Improves.

Production of motor cars and trucks in the United States for the month of November is expected to show another high record.  When official returns are in hand, they are expected to show a production of approximately 220,000 cars, making the ninth consecutive month this year in which the output has exceeded the 200,000 mark.  The total, according to trade advices, was reached in face of a short month, inclusive of holidays.

Production since Jan. 1 to the end of November has exceeded the total for any previous full year in history.  The figures to the end of the current month are expected to show a banner production record of 2,500,000 for 1922.  It is pointed out that some curtailment in operations will be witnessed this month, due chiefly to the closing of some plants for inventory taking.  But even with these plants closed, it is calculated that the total output for December will have to be only 150,000 cars to make the 2,500,000 figure.

"Manufacturing is being maintained at a remarkably high level, despite the season of the year when there is a lull both at plants and in the sales field, and few producers are reporting any tapering of schedules," according to Automotive Industries.  "They are being governed in their operations solely by the demand, and as yet there is no wide evidence of a sales decline.

"While closed cars continue foremost in the manufacturing programs, there is evidence of an expansion in open car production, which will grow steadily to meet the anticipated demand in the Spring.  Body plants are working full blast to catch up with back demands, as well as to meet current demands.  So great is the press for closed bodies that factories producing them will work at maximum capacity throughout the Winter.  Greater relief will come with the opening of additional plants after the first of the year.

"Some improvement is noted in the transportation situation.  Shipments are being received by Pacific Coast dealers with more regularity, and added rail equipment is moving carloads that have been awaiting movement for some weeks.  It is confidently believed that the worst of the difficulties in getting cars to dealers have passed, and from now on there will be noticeable improvement.  Driveways are reported to be decreasing, and while fewer cars are being sent by boat, that factor is still important.

"All branches of the industry show a healthy condition.  Trucks are meeting with better demand, and plants are reporting increased operations.  Tire makers are now working on improving their finished inventory situation to forestall any possible shortage.  In the parts branch, manufacture is progressing with much less shrinkage than had been expected, and shipments are being made on practically the same basis as in the past.  Collections show an improvement over last month.

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