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Repair Vinyl Professionally

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Repair Vinyl Professionally

Florida Automotive Journal
December 1970

Vyna - Chem Vinyl Repair
Vyna - Chem, Inc., a New Jersey based company, has come out with a group of "wonder products" that quickly and efficiently rid vinyl surfaces of nicks, cuts, holes, abrasions, and burns.  The Vyna - Weld Kit includes graining paper embossed with standard vinyl grain textures, silicone coated on the 'face' of the mold to allow clean, easy release of the paper from the vinyl surface.  This may be used in lieu of a mold.

The graining compound is originally in the form of a paste and remains so until it is mixed with the catylist.  When mixed, and left to set for a few minutes, the substance takes on the consistency of permanent rubber.  Thus, a reusable mold can be made in a short amount of time.

Once the mold is set, the hole in the vinyl is ready to be filled with a color matched compound.  It must be evenly spread and smoothed (a spatula knife is recommended).  It is extremely important that this compound is level with the surrounding surface, thus the necessity of removing any compound that has overflowed the hole to the surrounding vinyl.

Now, either the graining paper or the mold should be placed over the filled hole, grain - pattern - side face down.

The kit's heating iron should be preheated for 3 to 5 minutes before applying it to the graining paper or mold surface.  Here, the important thing is to move the iron slowly around the surface, applying constant pressure.  This continues for 60 seconds.

After removing the iron and allowing at least two minutes for the vinyl compound to set, you are ready to slowly remove the mold.  A vinyl dressing is often desirable to match the lustre of the original vinyl material.

The Vyna - Chem company estimates that the auto body shop stands to earn anywhere from $700.00 to $1,000.00 income on 100 Vyna - Weld repairs.  The kit, which is sold only through distributors, contains a complete line of G.M. colors available for all vinyl top and interior upholstery.  Vyna - Chem. recommends the process for furniture, automotive, institutional, marine, apparel, and sporting goods.

Two types of Vyna - Weld kits have been made available to shops.  Kit A contains enough materials for approximately 300 - 350 repairs, and Kit B enough materials for 150 - 200 repairs.

Both Kits A and B contain the following:

Vyna - Weld Clear
Nine Vyna - Weld Color Concentrates
Thirty-two sheets of standard graining paper
Vyna - Weld Graining Compound
Vyna - Weld Special Purpose Heating Iron
Practice Vinyl Fabric
Vinyl Sub - Patch Material
Color Match Chart
Instructional Manual

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