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Changing A Busted Car Halogen Bulb

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Changing A Busted Car Halogen Bulb

Jason Moore
July 13, 2006

The headlights, or also known and called as headlamps, are considered as very important parts of your vehicle. They simply are not just accessories that add to the uniqueness of the overall look and appearance of your car. They are very functional and serve as your guiding eyes and guiding light through various driving conditions that could lessen your visibility on the road ahead. You turn on the headlights of your car during times when the rain is pouring down hard. Or even when fog seems to envelop everything on your way. And when driving at night, it is important to turn them on so you can see through the darkness of the night.

If you take a look at your car’s headlights, you would see that there is a bulb inside each one. For most vehicles, halogen bulbs are used. What makes these halogen bulbs in your car’s headlights unique from the rest is that these bulbs are commonly made from hard glass or quartz which has been treated with additives. This is primarily because the headlights of most automobiles are made contain plastic parts which could burn or melt because of the high intensity of the heat from the halogen bulb. And the additives that are added actually block most of the heat and output of ultraviolet from the halogen bulb.

These halogen bulbs also do get busted. So you do need to know which kind of halogen bulb your car uses. Buy one if the one in your headlight does not seem to work anymore. You can purchase these from stores that also offer Ford F250 Light Duty pickup parts. Also, check the headlight. If you see a black knob that is small and plastic, it means you do have to purchase a small halogen bulb.

You should unscrew first the black knob and take it out. When you pull it out, you will see that the bulb is already out for it is attached to the knob itself. You can now remove the bulb.

When putting in the new one, remember not to touch the glass of the halogen bulb using your fingers, or else it could cause the new bulb to burn out easily. When you have successfully put in the new bulb, you can put it back into the headlight. Test your car’s headlights so you can check if everything is perfectly working.

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