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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


The New York Times
December 8, 1922

Policeman Fatally Hurt Riding on Running Board of Taxicab—Chauffeur Held.


Machine Jumped Ahead When He Cranked It Up on Erie Railroad Ferryboat.

One man was instantly killed, a policeman and another man died of their injuries and several other persons were hurt in automobile accidents yesterday.  James Cotter, 29 years old, a motor truck chauffeur, of 2,183 Fifth Avenue, was crushed to death in the forenoon, when his motor truck rammed a horse-drawn vehicle on the Erie Railroad ferryboat Goshen, bound from Hoboken to its slip on the Hudson at Christoper Street.  Cotter had neglected to put his car in neutral when he began to crank the engine.

Policeman Frank L. Franzone of the East Twenty-second Street Station, an honor man, died in Bellevue Hospital last night of a fractured skull, sustained at 4 A. M. when a taxicab on which he was riding was in a collision with a touring car owned by Childs Addo of 134 Edson Street, Corona, L. I., at Fourth Avenue and Twenty-third Street.  Franzone was standing on the running board when the cars crashed.

John Humann of 5 Rose Street, Hastings, died last night in a hospital at Tarrytown, N. Y., from injuries received in the afternoon when an unidentified roadster crashed into his sedan.  The driver of the roadster fled after the accident.

Harry G. Bachrach, a lawyer, and Miss Flora Prescort were painfully hurt in the afternoon when the automobile Bachrach was driving skidded and overturned on Union Avenue, two miles east of Somerville, N. J.

Samuel Cahn of 204 New Main Street, Yonkers, was held in $5,000 bail for examination when he was arraigned before Magistrate House in the Homicide Court on suspicion of causing the death of Joseph Brundage, a chauffeur, employed by Mrs. William H. Payne of the Hotel Belmont.  Brundage was driving Mrs. Payne's car at Fifth Avenue and Ninety-sixth Street Wednesday afternoon when another car collided with it.

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