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Mercedes E-Guard: Your Best Kind Of Guard

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Mercedes E-Guard: Your Best Kind Of Guard

Shane Morgay
July 12, 2006

When you need extra protection, then the new Mercedes Benz E-Guard models would be your guard. These vehicles are immediately available for any person who is interested. In fact, Mercedes Benz has announced that these vehicles would be the best kind of vehicles for people whose lives are jeopardized like drug lords, political diplomats, citizens of countries under war, or the pope.

What makes this Mercedes Benz E-Guard vehicle unique is the steel and aramid reinforced parts of the vehicle like its doors, sides, roof, firewall, and rear wall. Of course, the added weight could be quite a burden for the whole vehicle but the company has certainly thought this out. The whole vehicle is quite strong so as to carry all the weight that the Mercedes Benz E-Guard has. For more protection, this E-Guard model has a B4 protection rating. It can even actually withstand and survive bullets fired from a .44 Magnum gun.

It would not be quite surprising if these vehicles also need special auto parts made by the auto manufacturer itself. However, owners could still spruce up their E-Guard vehicles to make it unique from the rest. Sure enough, Mercedes Benz aftermarket accessories are available in the market from various auto accessories stores and would surely make these vehicles look not good but even better.

There are three variations for the Mercedes Benz E-Guard models. The list comprise of the E 320 CDI, the E 350, and the E 500. All hold features made especially for safety that could be found with the standard Mercedes Benz E-Class cars. Pre-Safe, direct control, and adaptive brake systems and features are available in these E-Guard models.

The Mercedes Benz E-Guard E320 CDI model has actually made quite a name for itself and for its manufacturer already. This is because this model is the first diesel model in the world to actually have and offer high protection ex factory.

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