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Change Up Your Car With A New Battery

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Change Up Your Car With A New Battery

Kevin Anderson
July 12, 2006

If your car battery has already served its purpose and now needs to be replaced, go ahead and do so. Buy a new battery and replace the old one. You surely would need a battery for you to go places with your car.

First off, you do buy the kind of battery that the auto maker who crafted and designed your vehicle recommends. It is easy to find the right battery for it is just like purchasing Volvo V40 car parts for your Volvo. If you do not know what this kind of battery is, try to check your car owner’s manual. Or if not, you can always run to auto experts like parts dealers and mechanics for additional information. Keep in mind, though, that for purposes of recycling, the old one must be exchanged with the new one you will buy. So if you would be doing the replacing yourself, you can just drop off the old one at a later time, after you have installed the new car battery.

Now it is time to open the hood and find where your battery is. Once you have found the old battery, disconnect the cables from the terminals of the battery. Keep in mind that you should find the negative cables first before you proceed to disconnecting the positive cables. Negative cables are colored black while the red ones are the positive cables. And when you have successfully done so, remove the frame that holds the battery in place and take the battery out.

Before you put in the new car battery, make sure that the cable terminals are clean. You can use a wire brush and some baking soda with water to clean them off if they are already dirty or are already corroded. Clean the battery terminal also. If they are already damaged and beyond using, now would be the right time to replace them.

When everything is already clean, you can now put the new battery in the frame. Then attach and connect the cables. This time, attach the positive cables first, and then proceed to the negative cables. And when you have done so, you can now test your battery if it has been connected properly. If everything has been properly installed, your engine should start easily.

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