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Wild Taxi Crushes Policeman on Sidewalk; Chum Shocked as He Lifts Sheet From Face

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Wild Taxi Crushes Policeman on Sidewalk; Chum Shocked as He Lifts Sheet From Face

The New York Times
December 18, 1922

Policeman Frank Becker, three years on the force, stood at East Ninety-fourth Street and Lexington Avenue at 10 o'clock last night, and saw a taxicab, wabbling from side to side of the street and running at high speed coming toward him.  He ran to the centre of the street to give warning, but the driver sped by, the course of the taxicab becoming even erratic.

At Ninetieth Street Becker, who stood watching the car, saw it run up on the sidewalk, knock down a pedestrian and crash into the iron railing in front of the Paulding apartment house.  The pedestrian, who was crushed between the railing and the taxicab, was killed instantly.  Becker, seeing that the man was dead, did not glance at his face, but busied himself in arresting the driver of the taxicab, who had been held by persons who ran to the scene of the accident before Becker could get there.

Becker was arraigning his prisoner, who said he was John T. Francis of 1,027 Third Avenue, and who was held on a charge of homicide, when an balance crew entered the station, carrying a sheeted figure on a stretcher.  Directed by Lieutenant Kenny to examine the body for possible means of identification, Becker raised the sheet.

"It's Ed Fallon!" he exclaimed, starting back in horror.

The dead man was Policeman Edward J. Fallon, 28 years old, of 1,286 Lexington Aventue, boyhood friend and schoolmate of Becker, who appoint to the police force came on the same day as his.  Fallon, who was attached to the East Sixty-seventh Street Station, it was learned later, had just been released from a tour of reserve duty and had changed into civilian clothes to talk home.  Fallon's record on the force had been excellent.  He was married about three weeks ago.

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