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The New York Times
December 17, 1922

Will Rogers will be one of the two speakers at the annual dinner of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce in the Hotel Commodore on Tuesday evening, Jan. 9.  He will talk on "What I Think About Automobiles."

Harvey Robinson, one of our younger members on Automobile Row, announces that he has been appointed to the job of attracting truck buyers to the merits of the American-La France motor trucks, the first shipment of which has just arrived here.  His offices are in the Fisk Building.  Mr. Robinson was recently with the local Pierce-Arrow organization.

What is called a new Burgundy wine color has been adopted for the new Haynes cars.  Doubtless it is warranted not to intoxicate the driver.  Putting the wine color on the car instead of inside the operator has possibilities of safety, provided the reminisces of pre-prohibition days do not react too spiritedly upon the nerves of the man at the wheel.

The Mercer Motors Company is now building cars equipped with six-cylinder motors.  The four-cylinder type, however, is retained.  The six cylinders are provided with both open and closed bodies.

A Reo speed wagon is being used in London as the power unit to transport a lunch wagon to different vantage points of trade.  It is said that the enterprising owner is planning to use the car to keep three or four lunch wagons in service in various neighborhoods.

A train of twenty-eight flat freight cars, carrying 104 Buick automobiles, left the factory at Flint, Mich., recently for shipment at New York to Hans Osterman, Stockholm, Sweden.

Gradual speeding up in production, abandoning a plan for a two-weeks shutdown for inventory and employment for thousands of automobile workers during the Winter are the three important features of the expansion program of the Cadillac Motor Car Company, announced by President H. H. Rice.

The Springfield Body Corporation has taken over the Smith Springfield Body Corporation, of Springfield, Mass., with an annual capacity of 1,000 motor car bodies.  Arrangements are now being made for a plant in the New York district.

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