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Spearmint Rhino Charges Into Car Racing

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Spearmint Rhino Charges Into Car Racing

Spearmint Rhino
December 5, 2013

Grassroot Media is delighted to announce Spearmint Rhino as senior partner for the BTCC race winning Team ES Racing. The partnership is initially for the 2014 season with an option for 2015. The deal involves Spearmint Rhino branding on all elements of the team’s operation and there are some never been done before plans to activate the sponsorship both on and off the track. The team will now be called ES Rhino Racing as part of the agreement. The team are currently looking at race series options for next year and will make announcement on where they will be racing soon.

Matthew Court, Managing Director of Grassroot Media, who sourced the partnership said “Team ES are an edgy team with a history of being at the right end of the BTCC grid. To find such a great sponsor with a great fit for the team and audience in our first deal in motorsport is brilliant for us the team and Spearmint Rhino. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and some of the ideas the race team and sponsor have come up with above and beyond what we at Grassroot Media proposed initially. While it’s fantastic to secure the headline sponsorship, we still have opportunities on the cars and around the team for other brands to get involved and be a part of ES Rhino Racing, arguably what will be the most commercially innovative team on whichever grid it is on when it comes to such partnerships.”

Chris James, Principle of ES Rhino Racing said “We simply cannot wait for the season to start. Preparations for the 2014 campaign have been well underway for a while, as have discussions with Spearmint Rhino and I’m thrilled that we’re finally able to announce what I think is a brilliant partnership to our fans. As we move in to the New Year we’ll have more news for everyone so we’ll talk to you again before long. This is a truly exciting time for my team. To have attracted a worldwide renowned brand such as Spearmint Rhino is testament to the success my team has enjoyed & respect we conduct. Spearmint Rhino & their partners are some of the most highly respected brands around, and I am excited to be working with them. This deal gives us the firm foundations to develop our team & move forward. It gives us huge options.”

Asked where ES Rhino Racing will be competing next year Chris replied "Having being successful in the BTCC we have options in 2014. We will have more news on where we will be racing soon, but until everything is signed we obviously cannot announce them.”

Jeremy Nargi, Marketing Director of Spearmint Rhino UK said “We’ve been looking to get in to high profile four wheeled racing for a while to go alongside our sponsorship of the Motodex BMW BSB team, but we had to wait for the right team. We think we’ve found them in Chris and the rest of the guys. I’m excited about the future of ES Rhino Racing and how we can both help each other to achieve our goals for the years to come. As well as being a race winning, successful & professional team in the past, the main attractions were Chris’s enthusiasm for 2014, the plans the team have for us and the fact they are a family run team. We are looking forward to working with the other partners and sponsors the team are looking to get on board.”

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