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The New York Times
December 3, 1922

More than half of the headlight lenses hitherto sanctioned for automobile use in New York have been discarded by the State Tax Commission as a result of the legislative amendment last season. From considerably more than 100, the approved list has been reduced to forty-two, as announced yesterday.

All of the lenses formally approved may be used until May 1, 1923. After that date it will be illegal to use any device which does not appear on the approved list of the Tax Commission. The additional time in which to make the necessary changes is granted in accordance with the terms of the new "headlight law" allowing six months for this purpose, following the final disapproval of any headlight device.

The lenses and headlight devices now on the approved list are:

Alpheco lens.
Bausch & Lomb lens (new).
Benzer lens, improved, type "A."
Brown reflector.
Clamert lens, style "A."
Conaphore clear, type "F."
Conaphore noviol, type "F."
Cor-Co-Lite reflector, type "A."
Dillon, type "E."
Dodge Brothers head lamp.
Flat-Lite, type "B."
Flintex, type "B."
Ford refracting prim headlight, type "H."
Green Moon.
Guide ray lens, type "A."
H-G hocking glass lens.
Holophane lens, No. 855.
Hudson, type "R."
Killglare lens.
Lancaster beam control lens, type "A."
Lee Knight lens.
Legalite M. III.
Liberty lens.
Liberty lens, type "D."
MacDonald optical lens.
Macbeth lens, type "D."
McKee lens, type "M."
Miro-Till (formerly known as Wills Sainte Claire headlamp.)
Monogram light distributer.
National lens.
Parab-o-light, type "F.W."
Patterson lens.
Primolite lens.
Right lens.
Saferlite deflector.
Shaler roadlighter (new type.)
Smith's lens.
Sunlite lens, type "D."
Superfect lens.
Universal lens.
Violet ray lens.
Wills Sainte Claire headlamp (or Miro Till.)

Plain glass lenses may be used on acetylene headlamps equipped with six-inch, clear, bright, spherical mirror and burners which consume five-eighths cubic feet of gas per hour.

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