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The New York Times
March 3, 1900

A Trip to Philadelphia in April by Local Drivers—Mr. Bostwick to Go to Europe to Race His Machine.

Albert C. Bostwick, Chairman of the Committee on Runs of the Automobile Club of America, said yesterday that the next run of the club will be to Philadelphia, probably during the first week in April.  Most of the roads used in the recent stage coach runs will be selected for the tour.  If any changes are made, they will be where roads are found that are better than the stage road.

"I think," said Mr. Bostwick, "that the run will start from New York on a Saturday.  We will remain over Sunday in Philadelphia, and return on Monday.  I expect we will have a good turn-out, surely much larger than in our first run to Irvington, when but nine automobiles were in line."

That run took place Jan. 27, on a very cold day.  As the Automobile Club now has about 200 members, the Philadelphia run will probably be a record breaker of its kind in this country.

Mr. Bostwick will sail for Europe April 18 to represent his club in the French race for the international automobile championship.  The perpetual challenge trophy is a magnificent silver cup given by Mr. James Gordon Bennett.  The race will be run on June 14.  The start will be from Paris and the distance from 350 to 400 miles.

The contest is given under the auspices of the Automobile Club of France, and clubs which have been recognized as eligible to compete are the Automobile Clubs of Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, America, Germany, Great Britain, and Turin.  Each club may enter three automobiles.  The machines must weigh more than 800 pounds and carry two passengers in the race.  The machines must be constructed entirely in the respective countries of the competitors.  Future races are to be held in the country of the club holding the cup, but the racing rules of the Automobile Club of France will govern, and the date of each race must be between May 15 and August 15.  There will be trial races before the big match, and every automobile intending to compete must be able to run from five to six hours without a stop.  Mr. Bostwick will return to New York immediately after the race and he will probably give a lecture on the event before the club members in their rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria.

The Knickerbocker Athletic Club is showing some interest in automobiles, and a lecture has been arranged for March 22 in the club theatre on "Electric and Gasoline Automobiles."  It will be delivered by Harold H. Eames, one of the authorities on the subject in America.  An exhibition of electric and gasoline vehicles will afterward be given in the club gymnasium.

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