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Topics:  Automobile Salon


The New York Times
December 3, 1922

Opening tonight in the ballroom of the Hotel Commodore, the Automobile Salon will display a number of foreign and American cars, beautifully finished both in respect to chassis and coach work and expensive in price.  The Salon is a combination of foreign and domestic cars and handsome bodies made by body builders who specialize in distinctive designs with luxurious finish.

From the foreign standpoint, the representation will be considerably better than in the last three years, which indicates that there is a steady although limited market for some of the best European cars in this country.  Seven foreign nations with fourteen different makes will be represented.  There will be thirteen American makes, six of which will be shown by their local agencies and the others by the body building firms exhibiting examples of their coach creations.

Interesting features of the foreign exhibits are the first appearance here of the Austrian Steyr car and the appearance of the French Hotchkiss and Voisin cars.  The Hotchkiss has not been publicly shown here for a number of years.  The company was founded in France in 1871 by the American engineer, Benjamin B. Hotchkiss.  Chassis of both the new four and six cylinder model will be displayed, in each case fitted with brakes on four wheels.  From France there will also be the Panhard and Hispano-Suiza.  Spain gets in the list from the fact that the Hispano-Suiza is made both in French and Spanish factories.  The model from Spain will be a four-cylinder chassis and the French-made car will be a six-cylinder chassis, the latter having the four-wheel brake equipment.

England will be presented by the Rolls-Royce, Lanchester, and Sunbeam, although the Rolls-Royce will be cars with standard bodies made in the American factory at Springfield, Mass.  From Italy will be eight eight-cylinder Isotta-Fraschini cars and two of the small four cylinder Fiats.  Germany will be represented by the Mercedes and the Benz, while the Minerva will be the Belgian industry's display.

The American cars exhibited by their regular agencies will be the Brewster, Cunningham, Daniels, Duesenberg, Rubay and Winton.  Exhibitions of custom made bodies will be seen on the chassis of the Cadillac, La Fayette, Lincoln, Locomobile, Marmon, Packard, and Peerless.  The total list of different makes for the salon is twenty-seven and with the variety of open and closed body models, about seventy cars will be on exhibition.  They will be shown by the exhibitors in the following models:

ISOTTA-FRASCHINI—Chassis showing the straight eight motor, town car, seven-passenger sedan and four-passenger touring.  In addition, four other cars will be shown with bodies by Brooks-Ostruk, Locke, Fleetwood and Le Baron.

FIAT—Sedan and touring models on the small four-cylinder chassis, 104¾ inches.

HISPANO-SUIZA—Four-cylinder chassis made in the factory in Spain and a six-cylinder chassis made in factory in France.

HOTCHKISS—Polished chassis of six-cylinder model, 148-inch wheel base, and four-cylinder chassis, 120-inch wheel base.

MINERVA—Two cabriolet models, sedan and runabout, on the six-cylinder chassis; brougham with Le Baron body, on four-cylinder chassis.

STEYR—Sport model, with the standard Austrian touring body.

ROLLS-ROYCE—Suburban limousine, brougham, five-passenger touring and enclosed drive cabriolet, all equipped with bodies made in the Springfield (Mass.) factory.

SUNBEAM—New six cylinder chassis and landaulet on same chassis.

LANCHESTER—Coupe, Brewster body on standard six cylinder chassis.

BENZ—Limousine, cabriolet and touring car on the six-cylinder chassis and brougham on four cylinder chassis.  All equipped with Fleetwood bodies.

MERCEDES—New sport model chassis, six cylinder; limousine body on four cylinder chassis.

BREWSTER—Landaulet and limousine, Brewster chassis and enclosed drive sedan on Marmon chassis.

DANIELS—Town limousine, seven-passenger suburban sedan, four-passenger sedan and new coupé model.

CUNNINGHAM—Vestibule limousine, landaulet, four and six passenger touring cars.

WINTON—New sport phaeton, seven-passenger sedan, sport sedan for five passengers and limousine.

DUESENBERG—Chassis, eight-cylinder motor, sedan and touring car.

The Rubay, which will be seen for the first time, is a new American car designed by Leon Rubay and production of which has just been started in Cleveland.  It has a four-cylinder motor and 118 inch wheel base chassis.  Beside the chassis, a cabriolet will be shown.

The Automobile Salon will remain open throughout the week, closing Saturday night.

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