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The New York Times
March 30, 1900

Will Be Used for the Paris Races—Dinsmore and Bostwick to Represent America.

Automobilists interested in the races to be held during the World's Fair at Paris, had an opportunity yesterday of inspecting an automobile similar to one that will figure in several of the Parisian races, at 120 Broadway. It is an improved model of the Winton gasoline motor carriage.  The principle change is an increase of 50 per cent. in horse power, the new carriage having a power of nine.  The running gear is enlarged to correspond with this increase, but most of the other changes are improvements in detail, tending to enhance the smooth running and neat appearance of the wagon.  The storage box is larger than in the old style of the same wagon.  It is placed directly in front of the seat, serving at the same time as the dashboard.  The rubber tires are increased in diameter, to four inches.  A speed of twenty-four miles an hour, without undue racing effort, is claimed for the new carriage.  About eighteen miles was the maximum for the four horse power carriage, although in two or three cases it was run twenty miles.

C. S. Weston of Scranton, Penn., received the first of these new carriages sent to this city from Cleveland, Ohio.  Mr. Weston is now in New York, and will probably use the carriage in the Ardsley run to-morrow.  Mr. Weston will sail for Europe in a few days, and will compete in several of the World's Fair races with his new machine.

The Automobile Club of America selected this week as its representative in Paris on June 14, at the Gordon Bennett race, Clarence Gray Dinsmore.  According to the conditions of the race each eligible club is entitled to one representative to look after the interests if its competitors.  The American racers will be Alexander Winton of Cleveland, Ohio, and A. L. Riker of this city.  Both are having special machines made.  Mr. Winton's racing automobile has recently been finished, and he has made some successful trials with it.  It will be shipped to Europe about the middle of next month, and Mr. Winton, with a few friends, will leave soon after.  Mr. Dinsmore will sail for Europe within a week.  The club has selected Albert C. Bostwick as its representative to the Automobile Congress, to be held under the auspices of the Automobile Club of France.

Some of the members of the Automobile Club, who have purchased new carriages lately, are Albert R. Shattuck, George F. Chamberlin, J. Insley Blair, Arthur Iselin, Arthur Hatch, Bradford McGregor, A. B. Proal, Dr. H. B. Baruch, B. A. Cushman, C. H. Clark, and Amidon Thomson.

The committee that is arranging the complimentary dinner to Major General Nelson A. Miles on Monday night at the Waldorf-Astoria, expects nearly 100 members to be present.  Besides Gen. Miles, all the other members of the National Highway Commissiion will be guests of the club.  They are Col. John Jacob Astor, Col. Richard L. Hoxie, Corps of Engineers, United States Army; Col. Samuel E. Tillman and Peter Michie of the United States Military Academy, West Point, and Francis E. Stanley of Newton, Mass.

Albert C. Bostwick has announced the route for the run to-morrow to Ardsley as follows: From the Waldorf-Astoria at 10 A. M., to Central Bridge, then by way of Sedgwick Avenue to King's Bridge Station, to Broadway, to Jetty Square, Yonkers, to Warburton Avenue, and to the Ardsley Club.  A record of the time made by each machine will be taken.

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