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Selling Your Used Car For More Than What It Is Worth

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Selling Your Used Car For More Than What It Is Worth

Sarah McBride
July 7, 2006

Have you already grown tired of your vehicle and you are now eyeing the newest Pontiac vehicle in the market?

You can actually have the best of both worlds. By selling your used car, you can still get some added cash to add to your budget for that new car. However, used cars can be hard to sell especially if the vehicle looks worn out and not properly maintained. Even if you were in the shoes of buyers and you see a used vehicle for sale that seems like it has gone through the worst, you probably would not even stop to think if you would like to purchase it.

That is why it is very important that you prepare your used car properly before you bring it to the market for sale for even for a simple trade in. A used car that looks good would be sold at a much higher price compared to one that looks worn out or dirty.

According to Jonathan Linkov, the managing editor for autos for Consumer Reports, “Nothing can turn off potential buyers faster than the sight of a dirty car. It gives the impression that the car was poorly maintained. But making your vehicle look as good as possible can pay big dividends by improving both its value and sales appeal.” He even adds that you actually can do all of the preparing yourself whether you are doing a used car trade in or are simply selling your used car.

The exterior is the very first thing that most buyers see so it is important that you give your car a complete and very thorough cleaning and washing. Do not overlook the wheels and if you see any road debris or road dirt, go ahead and wash them off. Make everything look shiny and new. If there are small scratches or chips, you can fix them yourself using touch-up paint. Dents should also be taken cared of.

The interior should also be clean and all personal items should be removed from the vehicle. Go through the interior and you may even find that lost house key that just disappeared. Make sure that you do keep the interior tidy and you also see to it that everything smells good.

Do the same for the engine compartment as well as the trunk. A clean used car would sell for a higher price compared to a dirty one.

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