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Topics:  General Motors


The New York Times
September 3, 1921

Company Plans to Transfer Executives From New York to Detroit Headquarters.

The Executive and Operations Committees of the General Motors Corporation, at a meeting held in Detroit, outlined new policies which will shape the future operations of the company.  These policies call for the transfer of the executive heads of the company from New York to Detroit to provide a closer working arrangement between the officials of the corporation and the constituent companies.  The General Motors Corporation now includes seventy-eight subsidiary and affiliated companies.

The men who control General Motors, according to a statement issued yesterday, are getting into more direct contact with the actual making and selling of motor vehicles and allied products.  Meetings of the various committees are to be held frequently in Detroit.

The movement to bring about better co-ordination of the productive activities of the corporation was inaugurated soon after the du Pont interests assumed a commanding position in the corporation, and the result of this program has been reflected in lower costs, improved quality and increased production, it was said.  The same principle, the statement added, is being applied to selling activities.

The following officials attended the meeting at which these policies were adopted:

Pierre S. du Pont, Chairman; J. Amory Haskell, J. J. Raskop and A. P. Sloan Jr.  The Operations Committee consists of the chief executives of the most important producing companies and the members of the General Advisory Staff, headed by C. S. Mott.  Representing the various General Motors companies were: H. H. Bassett, Buick Motor Company; K. W. Zimmerschied, Chevrolet Motor Company; H. H. Rice, Cadillac Motor Car Company; A. B. C. Hardy, Olde Motor Works; G. H. Hannum, Oakland Motor Car Company; W. L. Day, G. M. C. Truck Company; J. A. Craig, Samson Tractor Company; De Witt Page, New Departure Manufacturing Company; Fred J. Fisher, Fisher Body Corporation; C. F. Kettering, Dayton Engineering Laboratories; R. S. McLaughlin, McLaughlin Motor Car Company of Ontario; J. L. Pratt, Accessory Division; E. F. Johnson, Intercompany Parts Division.

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