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Topics:  Hudson Super Six


The Ogden Standard
April 29, 1916

"As is always the case when a popular discovery is placed before the world, the new Hudson Super-Six with its powerful patented motor has become an absorbing topic of discussion from one end of the country to another.  This is true not only among automobile engineers who long have known a six with vibration eliminated to be the ideal motor but among automobile buyers and owners as well" says: L. L. Hains manager, of the Ogden Motor Car Co.

'The bombardment of admiration and questions that began at the New York automobile show where the Super-Six made its debut has continued ever since.  How is such great power obtained?  What is the object of such a powerful motor?  How does it compare with an eight or twelve?  These and a rundred other questions of minor importance were asked at the recent big shows.  Those who already have purchased a Super-Six say the car itself answers every possible question by its sterling performance.  It is doing in the hands of owners everything that the company claimed for it.

'The company has emphatically emphasized the fact that there is nothing experimental about the Super-Six.  Save in its newly discovered and patented system of balancing it is identical with the light, simple and familiar type of construction of the Hudson Six-40 motors of the past.  By balancing in a new way the forces that manifest themselves within the motor in such a manner as to eliminate power waste (vibration and crank shaft distortion and the friction and loss of power they cause) which result from such forces, the efficiency of the motor has been increased 80 per cent.  The motor speed is increased 50 per cent.  Through this discovery and invention, on which a basic patent has been granted by the United States, the Super-Six motor develops 76 horsepower, as compared with 42 horsepower in the last year's Hudson Six, though they are identical as to the size.  The Super-Six is the highest powered stock car motor per cubic inch displacement the world has known."

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