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Sexy And Smart Define A Truck

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Sexy And Smart Define A Truck

Patrick Howard
May 7, 2013

The American car company has always been a leader in innovation and with this year's Truck they have released, the American auto brand definitely took its premier truck to a higher level of beauty and efficiency. The new truck especially gets top marks because more people can ride it and their features for comfort were given great attention by the developers of the model.

When it comes to overall appearance, it looks more contemporary because of the new grille design - many claim it has a more accessible appeal now. But aside from this, the model also boasts of a new limited trim that includes navigation, rain-sensing wipers, HID headlights, red and black leather seating and polished 22-inch rims.

For those who are looking for a vehicle that does it all, this truck may be the best solution there is. It can be used as a family vehicle for the cab of this truck is very roomy and it out-measures some full-size sedans. In fact, the rear-seat legroom is absolutely more than generous, claim truck reviewers, and the mechanically articulated second-row seat flips up and out of the way to create 57.6 cubic feet of space behind the front seats. Likewise, it can still be used for transporting heavy cargo because of the spacious truck bed, and if style is a big consideration, among heavy duty trucks, the truck definitely meets the standards most people have for a sexy and smart-looking vehicle.

Many of those who were initially intimidated by the sheer size of this truck but were given the chance to test it claim that they actually forgot they were manoeuvring a massive vehicle; steering was light and easy and the feel was very much similar to just driving a typical SUV. Riders also only had good things to say about their experience for unlike other trucks, this Truck was very comfortable to ride in and not at all jolt-y. These are the results of the thorough testings Ford conducted; the engineers of the company subjected the truck to different challenges to be able to determine the best strategies to address the shuddering and hopping motions that most full-sized pick-up trucks have the tendency to make.

Lastly, it's important to mention that in spite of the upgraded "comfortable" driving and riding experience, the truck does not in any way lose the functions it was originally known for. In fact, the towing capacity improved as well; the truck tows 11,600 lb. without much difficulty and this is thanks to the trailer's rear-view camera, trailer sway control and integrated trailer break controller.

Looking for both Sexy and Tough in a truck? You get them both with the 2013 Ford F150 SuperCrew. Grab one here.

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